Applebee’s® Restaurant Menu Prices

Applebees-Menu-PricesThe Applebee’s grill and bar menu is extensive and varied. This is a casual dining restaurant that doesn’t stick to a single cuisine, offering everything from seafood dishes to steak dishes, ribs and more.
Applebee’s menu prices are very reasonable, ensuring all of the family can drop-by to enjoy lunch in a relaxing dining setting.
This is a favorite hotspot for countless Americans, and there are Applebee’s in many other countries around the world. They offer an extensive menu, which you can find below.

Applebee’s Menu Prices

Applebee's Menu Prices

Applebee's Menu Prices 
Chicken Quesadilla Grande$9.99
Grilled Chicken Wonton Tacos$7.49
Appetizer Sampler$12.99
Classic Wings$9.99
Boneless Wings$9.49
Green Bean Crispers$5.99
Sweet Potato Fries & Dips (New!)$4.99
Brew Pub Pretzels & Beer Cheese Dip$6.99
Mozzarella Sticks$6.99
Crunchy Onion Rings$6.49
Cheeseburger Sliders$8.99
Spinach and Artichoke Dip$7.99

Applebee’s Breakfast Menu

Ultimate Trios

Brew Pub Pretzels & Beer Cheese Dip
Boneless Wings
Classic Wings
Spinach and Artichoke Dip
Steak Quesadilla Towers
Grilled Chicken Wonton Tacos
Mozzarella Sticks
Cheeseburger Sliders

Applebee’s Lunch Menu

Blue Ribbon Ribs & Juicy Steaks

9 oz. House Sirloin$14.69
Shrimp ‘N Parmesan Sirloin$17.99

Applebee’s Dinner Menu



Sauteed Garlic Mushrooms$1.49
Grilled Onions$1.49
Shrimp 'N Parmesan $2.99
Double-Glazed Baby Back Ribs$17.99
Double-Glazed Baby Back Ribs (Half Rack with fries and coleslaw)$13.49
Crosscut Ribs$11.99
Applebee’s Riblets$12.99
Applebee’s Riblets (Smaller-portioned basked served with fries.)$9.99

Applebee’s Kids Menu

Sizzling Entrees

Bourbon Street Chicken & Shrimp$12.99
Bourbon Street Steak$14.99
Sizzling Double Barrel Whisky Sirloins$13.99

Applebee’s Gluten-Free Menu

Handcrafted Burgers

All burgers include classic, New BBQ-spiced fries, or New sweet potato fries (additional $1.49)
The American Standard (New!)$9.69
Triple Bacon (New!)$10.29
Mushroom Swiss (New!)$10.29
Sweet Asian Pineapple (New!)$9.69
Quesadilla Burger$10.29
Cowboy Burger$10.29
Classic Burger$7.99
Add cheese$0.50
Add bacon$0.70

Applebee’s Low-Calorie Menu Options

Succulent Chicken

Chicken Tenders Platter$10.99
Chicken Tenders Platter (Smaller-portioned basked served with fries.)$9.49
Fiesta Lime Chicken$11.99

Applebee’s Dessert Menu

Have It All – Entrees under 600 calories

Steakhouse Bruschetta Sirloin$12.99
Thai Shrimp Salad$10.29
Shrimp & Broccoli Cavatappi (New!)$11.49
Cedar Grilled Lemon Chicken (New!)$9.99
Pepper-Crusted Sirloin & Whole Grains (New!)$11.49
Savory Cedar Salmon$13.69
Napa Chicken & Portobellos (New!)$11.49

Applebee’s Cocktails Menu

Mouthwatering Pasta & Seafood

Shrimp Scampi Linguine$12.99
Three-Cheese Chicken Penne$11.99
Double Crunch Shrimp$12.99
Fish & Chips$12.49
4-Cheese Mac & Cheese With Honey Pepper Chicken Tenders$12.99
All pastas (except Shrimp & Broccoli Cavatappi) served with a toasted garlic breadstick.

Applebee’s Salad Menu


Delectable Desserts

Blue Ribbon Brownie$5.99
Dessert Shooters$2.49/ea
Triple Chocolate Meltdown$5.99
Salted Caramel Pretzel Bites$3.99

Applebee’s Appetizers Menu

Refreshing Drinks

Flavored Lemonades And Iced Teas$2.09
Decadent Shakes$2.19
Fountain drinks#2.09

Applebee’s Entrees Menu


Fresh Salads

Fiesta Chicken Chopped Salad$9.79
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad$9.99
Oriental Chicken Salad$9.99

Applebee’s Boneless Hot Wings Menu

Tasty Sandwiches

All sandwiches invlude classic, New BBQ-spiced fries, or New sweet potato fries (additional $1.49).
Artisan Grilled Chicken Ciabatta$9.99
Classic Turkey Breast$8.99
Chicken Fajita Rollup$8.99
American BLT$8.59
Clubhouse Grille$9.99

Lunch Combos (Monday thru Friday until 3pm)

Soups – Tomato Basil, Soup of the Day
Salads – House (contains bacon) ,Caesar, Spinach (contains bacon)
Sandwiches – Classic Turkey Breast, American BLT, Chicken Fajita Rollup
Entrees – Honey Pepper Chicken Tenders, Three-Cheese Chicken Penne
Soups – Tomato Basil, Soup of the Day
Salads – Thai Shrimp (contains peanut sauce), Fiesta Chicken Chopped, Grilled Chicken Caesar, Oriental Chicken
Sandwiches – Clubhouse Grille, Artisan Grilled Chicken Ciabatta
Entrees – Shrimp Scampi Linguine, 4-Cheese Mac & Cheese with Honey Pepper Chicken Tenders

Applebee’s is fairly recent in the grand scheme of things. When compared to the likes of White Castle, A&W and McDonalds, it’s a child.

The first store opened in November of 1980, when it went by the less-catchy “T.J. Applebee’s Rx for Edibles and Elixirs”. It sounded more like a store you’d expect to find in a Japanese RPG, one that sells health potions and power-ups. However, it didn’t last, and they sold their last power-up in 1986, when they became “Applebee’s”. Whether you love the chicken tenders, buffalo wings, salads, or desserts, Applebees has you covered.

The naming process was much more convoluted than it usually is. Contrary to what you might think, it was not named after the founder. The owners, Bill and T.J Palmer (husband and wife), wanted to name it “Appleby’s”. But that name had already been chosen. They then decided to call it “Cinnamon” or “Peppers”. But those two names were already chosen. It seems like the name was less about the owner’s surname and more about getting the name of a food in there and creating something that sounded fresh.

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