Jimmy Johns® Menu Prices *UPDATED* [scroll down]

Jimmy Johns Menu Prices
Jimmy John’s is a sandwich chain with a difference. Just like Subway, they produce sub sandwiches with a choice of fillings. But unlike their competitors, they operate on a smaller menu, keeping speed up and prices down. On this page we will put that Jimmy John’s menu in the spotlight, looking at all options and asking how much they cost.

There is a lot to like and even more to love about the Jimmy John’s menu, so tuck in and see what it has to offer you. You should also check with our other pages on this chain if you haven’t already. These include our Jimmy John’s Nutrition Info page and our Jimmy John’s Locations page, among others.

What Time Does Jimmy John’s Close?

It depends on the location. Most Jimmy John’s locations are closed by 11pm, but we have seen locations that close at 9pm and others that are closed as late as 3am.

How Late is Jimmy John’s Open?

Jimmy John’s usually open at 11am. It depends on the location, but many open prior to noon in order to target the lunch time rush.

Jimmy John’s Menu Prices

Item NamePrice (USD)
8 Inch Sub Sandwiches
Pepe®8 in - 5.50
Big John®8 in - 5.50
Totally Tuna®8 in - 5.50
Turkey Tom®8 in - 5.50
Vito®8 in - 5.50
Vegetarian8 in - 5.50
J.J.B.L.T8 in - 5.50
Item NamePrice (USD)
Plain Slims®
Ham & Cheese8 in - 4.25
Roast Beef8 in - 4.25
Tuna Salad8 in - 4.25
Turkey Breast8 in - 4.25
Salami, Capicola, Cheese8 in - 4.25
Double Provolone8 in - 4.25
Item NamePrice (USD)
Giant Club Sandwiches
Gourmet Smoked Ham Club8 in - 6.95
Billy Club®8 in - 6.95
Italian Night Club®8 in - 6.95
Hunter's Club®8 in - 6.95
Country Club®8 in - 6.95
Beach Club®8 in - 6.95
Gourmet Veggie Club®8 in - 6.95
Bootlegger Club®8 in - 6.95
Club Tuna®8 in - 6.95
Club Lulu®8 in - 6.95
Ultimate Porker™8 in - 6.95
Item NamePrice (USD)
Other Sub Sandwiches
The J.J. Gargantuan®8 in - 8.95
Party Platters
5 Sandwiches Platter15 Pc - 28.50
10 Sandwiches Platter30 Pc - 56.00
Item NamePrice (USD)
Sides & Drinks
Soft Drink - Regular1.49
Soft Drink - Large1.99
Dasani® Water -
Chocolate Chunk Cookie1.99
Raisin Oatmeal Cookie1.99
Real Potato Chips1.39
Jumbo Kosher Dill Pickle1.39
Item NamePrice (USD)
Party Subs
Party Sub2 ft - 40.00
4 ft - 75.00
Party Sub6 ft. $110.00
Party Sides
Chocolate Chunk Cookie Tray12 Pc - 18.00
Raisin Oatmeal Cookie Tray12 Pc - 18.00
Six Of Each Cookie Tray12 Pc - 18.00
Jumbo Kosher Dill Pickle - Bucket5.00

Jimmy John’s Lunch Menu

Jimmy John's Menu

The full Jimmy John’s menu is on this page. This contains all of the current menu items, along with their prices. These are relevant for most of this chain, but there may be some slight variations in certain locations. Typically, if they have to pay more for rent in a certain location, if they have to pay higher wages or if the ingredient costs more, then they look to scrape some extra pennies out of their customers.

Who Owns Jimmy John’s?

Jimmy John’s is owned by Jimmy John Liautaud. Born in 1964, Jimmy John currently acts as the chairman of the company. He is also the majority owner, occasional spokesperson and the man who heads the advertising campaigns.

He is one of the few founders to maintain a significant share in his company several decades later and he is also one of the few to do most of the advertising for his brand. This is something that you also see with Papa John’s, but many other chains prefer to use a fictional mascot.
It’s all good though, as everything is relative. And because all of the Jimmy John’s locations are in the United States, operating under the same currency and within the same economy, the variations are slight.

In the Jimmy John’s secret menu page we discussed how they only have one type of cheese on the menu, how there is only one type of mustard. In fact, all condiments are few and far between here. This annoys a lot of customers, but there is method to the madness. It helps to keep production speeds up and it also reduces waste. This means they spend less, which in turn means they can pass those savings onto their customers.
That’s why the Jimmy John’s menu is so cheap. It’s where you can walk in, place an order and walk out with a freshly made sandwich in less than 60 secrets. Seriously, time yourself. It’s impressive and it adds a new dimension to the term “fast food”.

How Much is Jimmy John’s?

The Jimmy John’s menu is very reasonable price, as you will see in our many Jimmy John’s Menu Prices tables. It is roughly on par with many other sub chains out there and is a very affordable way to get quality sub sandwiches delivered direct to your door.

How Much is Jimmy John’s Delivery?

Jimmy John’s doesn’t charge an additional delivery fee. Instead, this is factored into the prices on the Jimmy John’s menu. So, you may notice that these prices are a little inflated when compared to other menu prices, but only because the delivery is included. Just bear in mind that these prices do not include a tip. And because it is being delivered, you really should be tipping the driver a little extra.

Does Jimmy John’s Deliver?

Of course! In fact, it’s one of the reasons this chain has managed to become so huge and to outgrow its more established rivals. Few chains offer hand-delivered sandwiches, which makes Jimmy John’s standout in an otherwise competitive and saturated marketplace.