6 Backstage Food Demands Celebrities Have Made 

1. Beyonce

beyonce, backstage food demands, celebrity foods

Back in the day, Beyonce, the Queen, demanded that she was made chicken legs that were heavily seasoned with cayenne pepper. But she also refused to have Coco-Cola products anywhere near. That demand was of course due to her legal binding with Pepsi, being a spokeswoman and all.

2. Adele

adele, oscars, backstage demands

Adele is one talented woman, and compared to Beyonce, she hasn’t been on the scene THAT long. But her requests are weird enough – Adele requests chicken salad sandwiches and the best quality of red wine (along with Marlboro lights). After all, who wouldn’t want to relax with a chicken sandwich after singing for money?

3. Kanye West

kanye, backstage, food demands

A lot of people view Kanye as a horrible and negative person, but you might want to befriend him after you hear what his dressing room has in store for him! He demands 1 tub of plain yogurt, 4 Yoplait yogurts, a bowl of nuts, Sunkist salted Pistachio nuts, 2 packs of gum (school kids come running from miles away), hot sauce, A large bottle of Hennessy Liquor, Absolut Vodka, Tequila and Heineken (4 six packs). Wowzers! Are we sure he just doesn’t live backstage? That sure is a lot to be consuming in one night!

4. Justin Bieber

justin bieber, backstage, food demands

This may have been before Bieber was a crazy partier, however, in his room, he wanted tea, Swedish fish, 2 cases of water, coke, ginger ale and diet coke. We can only assume he wanted the best for his personnel after the show.

5. Katy Perry

katy perry, backstage, dressing room, food demands, part of me

Katy Perry is the queen of quirky, but do you think these food/drink options reflect that? She likes to have fresh-cut Crudites (cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, snap peas and ranch dressing), strawberries, quality honey, Mint medley tea, salsa, organic fruit, Pinot Grigio and so much more! Man, that’s a weird assortment.

6. Taylor Swift

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We’ve all heard the best and worst about Taylor Swift. Some think she’s a whiny brat while most others (like me) think she’s an extremely talented powerhouse. Want to know what helps keep your energy on and off stage? 1 Grande Iced Caramel Latte, 1 Grande Iced Americano, 1 slice of Pumpkin load. Red bull, twizzlers, macaroni and cheese, Ben & Jerry’s and SO MUCH MORE! We want to party with Taylor Swift. After all, who doesn’t love eating mac & cheese along with shoveling piles of ice cream into our faces?

Date Modified - 10/06/2018