9 Crazy Facts About Dunkin Donuts

1. It would take you 42 years to try every type of coffee DD has to offer


There are over 15,000 ways to order your coffee. If you tried a new one each morning, it would take you roughly 42 years to complete the coffee menu. This is because they have a variety of syrups, turbo shots, sweeteners and more.


2. Coffee cost 10 cents at one point


Yep! This is true. The first Dunkin was opened in Quincy, Massachusetts and it only cost a dime for coffee. Now a small is at least $1.49 with nothing extra on the east coast.


3. It takes a lot of beans for a pound of coffee


To get into specifics, it takes 2,000 coffee beans to make 1 pound of Dunkin Donuts coffee. A pound can last up to a month (if you’re an avid coffee drinker). In one year, you can drink 24,000 coffee beans or more!


4. DD coffee experts taste hundreds of coffees a day


It’s true. There are coffee experts that taste over 200 cups of coffee A DAY to make sure they’re giving you the best for your money. Not sure if this is just a smart plot for a college kid to get free coffee or if they actually care about the quality…


5. The DD franchise is a large one!


There are over 10,000 Dunkin Donuts’ in 38 states and 32 countries, yet most Californians have never had it! There are under a dozen DD restaurants in California.


6. Bacon Donuts


You can add bacon pieces to your glazed donuts for an extra kick of flavor for your morning on-the-go breakfast.


7. Different donuts, different countries.


There are different types of donuts for each country in their respective DD restaurants. IF a delicacy in another country is different, there will be a donut to reflect that. In China, there is a donut that is one called, “pork floss”, which is a glazed donut with shredded pork on top.


8. Diet Coffee?


If you like to get a normal medium coffee, try opting for a medium lite latte and save yourself 160 calories every morning. By doing this, you could lose a pound in 3 weeks by cutting out that coffee alone!


9. In Spain, a different name


Dunkin Donuts in Spain is called Dunkin Coffee. Still the same franchise, just a modified name!


Date Modified - 04/13/2024