Chevys Fresh Mex

Chevys Fresh Mex is a small restaurant chain focusing on fresh Mexican food, served in a casual dining setting. Founded in the early 1980s, there are currently over 50 locations that carry the Chevys name and most of these can be found in the Southwest. Chevys want customers to feel like they are sitting in a Mexican diner and eating authentic Mexican food. And thanks to their fresh ingredients, a selection of authentic recipes, and a unique setting, that’s exactly what they have achieved. Year Founded: 1986 Headquarters: Alameda, California Locations: 50+

Chevys History

The first Chevys restaurant opened in Alameda, California, in 1986. The goal was to provide diners with quality, fresh Mexican food in a relaxed casual dining setting. The restaurant proved to be a hit, and within a few years they had expanded to several other locations. Chevys have firmly established a base in the Golden State, but their name can also be seen emblazoned on buildings across 16 states. All of these buildings are designed to resemble a casual Mexican diner or cantina, transporting customers into the heart of Mexico as soon as they step through the doors.

Chevys Menu

Chevys Menu
Enjoy a selection of Mexican favorites.

The Chevys menu is full of fresh, tasty Mexican food. As with many Mexican themed restaurants in this country, it is a little less “Authentic Mexican” and a little more “Mexican for Americans”. But you will still find some favorites and some staples from south of the border. You can start with a fresh salad or soup, move onto a taco, burrito or quesadilla, and finish with a choice of desserts. There is a large drink’s menu, with alcoholic drinks and cocktails included, and there are also plenty of fiery sides to indulge in. If you don’t like heat, don’t worry, as there are milder options on the menu. It’s not all about mind-blowing heat and tongue-stripping spices. But if that’s what you like, you can find it in abundance.

Chevys Secret Menu

Chevys Secret Menu
Your Mexican meal can be as hot or as mild as you want it to be.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to the Chevy’s secret menu. This is a very small chain, and one that is restricted to a small geographical region. As a result, it lacks the elements needed for a good secret menu. Unlike the Taco Bell secret menu, it doesn’t cover a vast region; unlike the Del Taco secret menu, it doesn’t cater specifically for customers who know tips and tricks; and unlike the Chipotle secret menu, there aren’t enough region-only menu items hiding away.

Still, we have sourced some Chevy’s secret menu items and you can find them on our Chevy’s secret menu page. There isn’t a lot here, but if this is one of your favorite restaurants and you want to explore some new dishes, it’s worth taking a look.

Chevys Menu Prices

Chevys Menu Prices
A Chevys feast. It’s the cheapest Mexican food around, but it could be some of the best.

For a casual dining restaurant, Chevys menu prices are towards the higher end. They are a little more than the prices you will find on the Buffalo Wild Wings menu and the Olive Garden menu. And of course, Chevys menu prices are considerably higher than what you would pay at fast food chains like El Pollo Loco and Taco Bell. Everything is made fresh and they source the best ingredients. This is where the extra money goes. All in all, you can expect to drop about $60 for a sizeable meal plus tips. This comes complete with all kinds of fresh and tasty dishes, as well as sides, a drink and a dessert. To see a complete list of Chevys menu prices, just read our Chevys Menu Pricesguide.

Chevys Nutrition and Calories

Chevys Nutrition
Soft-Shell Chicken Tacos, a favorite for many Chevys customers.

Mexican food is a mixture of the incredibly healthy and incredibly unhealthy. On the one hand you have some of the healthiest foods in the world, including tomatoes, avocados and beans used in abundance. On the other hand you have fatty beef, vast amounts of cheese and sour cream, and plenty of salt. The good thing is that there is a little something for everyone on the Chevys menu. You can opt for the healthy option, you can go all-out, or you can tuck-into vegetarian options and other special diet options. To learn more about the calories, fat and more, read our Chevys Nutrition Info guide.

Chevys Locations

Chevys Locations
Enjoy a selection of hearty dishes and a fruity cocktail as you eat and drink the night away.

Over the past few decades many Mexican chains have flourished, expanding across the country and the world. Taco Bell, Del Tacoand Chipotle have thousands of locations between them and they continue to grow. However, things have been somewhat less prosperous for Chevys Fresh Mex. They had close to 40 locations across the United States in the early 90s. This grew considerably toward the end of the decade when they purcahsed the Rio Bravo Cantina chain from the owners of Applebee’s. However, many of these restaurants failed and they were forced to declare bankruptcy. Things took a turn for the better in later years and they passed through bankruptcy in 2011. However, these days there are just 50 or so Chevys locations. Around half of these can be found in the Northern parts of California.

Chevys Store Hours

Chevys store hours differ depending on location. But because this is not a global chain and because they are all focused on one specific region, they tend to be similar across the board. It is open 7 days a week and from 11am through to 11pm. However, these times are reduced slightly on Sunday and they may be reduced even more during certain holidays.

Chevys Happy Hour

Chevys Menu0
Chevys food is fresh, vibrant, authentic and exciting.

The best time to visit this chain is during Happy Hour. The drinks are cheaper, there are countless offers to take advantage of and you may just be able to get some free food. Assuming you have the right coupons, that is. To learn more, pay a visit to our Chevys Happy Hourpage. As with all of the pages on this site, this is updated regularly and you’ll find a plethora of deals and coupons.


Date Modified - December 4, 2017