Five Guys Menu Prices *UPDATED* [scroll down]

five-guys-menu-pricesFive Guys menu prices are very reasonable and offer an array of hamburgers, fries, & delicious options like the chicken sandwich. This is one of the most exciting fast food menus in the US right now, which is why this chain also happens to be one of the fastest growing in terms of locations and in terms of sales. It’s the sort of food that has built America, the sort of food that has propped the fast food industry up and the sort of food we have enjoyed for well over 100 years. But it’s all delivered with a Five Guys twist, and that’s what makes this menu so special.

On this Five Guys Menu Prices page we’ll put this burger menu in the spotlight. We’ll see how the Five Guys menu stacks up against others and we’ll take a look at the prices of each item on it. If it’s nutrition, locations or careers you’re looking for, then checkout these Secret Menus pages instead:

Following the same simple structure that hugely successful burger joints like In-n-out-Burger follow, the Five Guys full menu is an-easy to navigate list of the delicious options for a traditional dining experience. Offering up a neat list of burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches and fries, the chain has delivered consistent results, reeling in a fan base of burger-addicts at a reasonable price (slightly more expensive than In-n-Out, slightly higher quality). Check out the menu and pinpoint your favorite before you come try it!

Five Guys Menu Prices

ItemPrice (USD)
Bacon Burger7.99
Bacon Cheeseburger8.69
Little Hamburger4.99
Little Cheeseburger5.69
Little Bacon Burger5.99
Little Bacon Cheeseburger6.69

ItemPrice (USD)
Hot Dogs
Hot Dog4.69
Cheese Dog5.39
Bacon Dog5.69
Bacon Cheese Dog6.39
ItemPrice (USD)
Veggie Sandwich3.69
Veggie Sandwich with Cheese4.39
Grilled Cheese4.39
ItemPrice (USD)
Fries - Little3.09
Fries - Regular4.19
Fries - Large5.79
Cajun Fries - Little3.09
Cajun Fries - Regular4.19
Cajun Fries - Large5.79
ItemPrice (USD)
Coca Cola Products -
Coca Cola Products -
Dasani Bottled Water2.09

The Five Guys Veggie Sandwich

Five Guys burger & fries menu is one of the most raved about in America. Try some yourself and let us know what you think!

Most Popular Items on Five Guys’ Menu

Their website boasts a startling 250,000 possible burger combinations that you can make on the Five Guys menu, but their customers still have some go-to favorites.
Some of their most popular menu items are the classic, juicy Cheeseburger, the Bacon Cheeseburger, and a fan favorite, Cajun Fries (which they provide in bulk for their customers).

The Five Guys Veggie Sandwich

Unfortunately, we have some bad news where the Five Guys Veggie Sandwich is concerned. There is a big risk of cross-contamination and although it is a veggie sandwich, it is technically not a vegetarian sandwich. Basically, there is a genuine risk of meat juices and even chunks of meat ending up in your vegetable sandwich.

It’s a nice sandwich and we know vegetarians who order it every time they end up at Five Guys. But we have also heard stories from vegetarians who have found meat in their Veggie Sandwich and, upon complaining, were reminded that cross-contamination was possible. Not a peasant thing to discover and the only way you can avoid that happening to you is to avoid it altogether.

It is rare, but it can happen and because they don’t label it as vegetarian, you don’t have any recourse if indeed it does happen. I mean, you should still complain, because you’ll probably get free food out of it, but don’t expect anything to hold up in court.

Five Guys Delivery

You can get delivery with Five Guys and you can even get it online. The online ordering setup is organized by and whether you can get delivery or not will be entirely dependent on how near you are to you nearest location. If you want to order online then just check with Olo, who will tell you all you need to know after inputting your address info.

Five Guys Coupons

There are many Five Guys coupons out there, but they aren’t always easy to find. There are many coupons on the major deal sites that are invalid or representative of deals that are always available, as opposed to something that is transient and deserving of a coupon.

We find that the best way to get your hands on Five Guys coupons, free food and other deals is to wait for the big food holidays. Fast food chains love this and burger chains are some of the biggest devotees. Food holidays are promotional days really, but they have been embraced by customers because it’s a day in which they can get cheap and/or free food, and they have been embraced by the fast food chains of the world because it’s day in which they can get extra publicity just by offering a few freebies.

The best thing about burger chains like Five Guys is that there are number of food holidays that applies to them. The best of these are National French Fries Day and National Cheeseburger Day, but there are also ones for ice cream, hot dogs and more. You can check the linked pages above to see what’s available on these days, when the next one is, and how to get your hands on certain deals.