Raising Cane’s® Menu Prices *NEW* [scroll down]

raising-canes-menu-pricesRaising Cane’s offers customers whopping portion sizes at affordable prices. That being said, if you’re a regular, you’re going to be putting a hole in your wallet.
If you order a monstrous Caniac, for instance, then you better be ready to shell out upwards of $9. If you’ve got a smaller appetite, the Three Finger Combo is ideal. There is also a kid’s menu if these big portions are a little too much, and if they’re not big enough, you can load-up on the extras. Competitor can be found on Zaxbys menu if you’d like to compare.

Raising Canes Menu

3-Finger Combo$7
Box Combo$8
The Caniac$11
Chicken Sandwich Combo$6.60
There are only four main options on the Raising Cane’s menu. The kid’s meal adds an extra option. But excluding the drinks and the extra portions, that’s it. It is probably the smallest menu we have on this site and it could well be the smallest menu of any major fast food chain. But it works for them, and their customers don’t seem to complain.

The Raising Cane’s full menu is below, including these main meals and the extras. This is updated regularly, so the prices should be relevant as and when you read this.