Starbucks Brings Almondmilk as a New Non-Dairy Option
Starbucks almondmilk
Starbucks introduces almond milk

Starbucks just released big news. Beginning in September, they offer a new non-dairy option: almond milk in their 4600 US stores. It joins their two other non-dairy offerings of soy milk and coconut milk. The demand for almondmilk has been strong — even with two other non-dairy options. In fact, there was an entire Facebook page dedicated to petitioning Starbucks to make a splash with another non-dairy alternative.

Why Almond Milk?

Almondmilk consistently landed in the top product request on the My Starbucks Idea page. It was finally voted onto the Starbucks island. More than 58% of Americans indicate they use something other than dairy milk in their daily life, and a whopping 60% of that crowd use almondmilk. There are going to be some pretty happy folks out there, ready to customize their new option!

Yoke Wong, a Starbucks manager for their beverage R&D, said they created their own unique recipe to have the same rich (and delicious) foam Starbucks coffees are known for. Because they use an unflavored option, they feel certain the addition adds many customization and flavor options for their customers.

You know what that means? It means we expect to have some new Starubucks secret menu additions after it all rolls out!

When can I see it in my cup?

So, when can you expect to be able to order your latte with some almondmilk? If you are in the US, the rollout begins on September 6, 2016. They start in their company-operated and licensed stores in the Pacific Northwest, Northern California, New York, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. The final national rollout wraps up by the end of September.


There will be an additional $0.60 charge applied to any cup. But most think the price is worth the benefits. Like only three grams of sugar your eight-ounce drink holds! When you compare it to dairy milks 12-13 grams, the option is great.

Will you use almondmilk at Starbucks? What type of flavorings will you try?

Date Modified - 05/13/2024