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Both restaurants as casual as McDonald’s and as classy as Olive Garden offer secret combinations and additions that revolutionize the dining experience. Check out the nutrition facts behind your favorite meals and sides, full menus and prices, along with full secret menus and descriptions of each item.

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  • For years, I've loved Chipotle, it's been my go to place for a quick bite. But the new queserito has made my experience that much better. I love Secret Menus.
    ~ Melissa Guiry, New York
  • Ordering off the secret menu was easier than I thought it would be. I discovered my new favorite meal at In-N-Out. I want to explore some more!
    ~ John Meadt, Arizona
  • I am able to experience flavors that I never new existed at some of my favorite restaurants. I now try a new item every week with my husband.
    ~ Mandy Adams, California
For decades your choices at your favorite restaurants were limited to what was on the menu. If it wasn’t listed in black and white on the menu, you would have a hard time ordering it. The increasing popularity of secret menus has changed all of that. Secret menus are unofficial and unadvertised items on menus at restaurants around the world that allow you to customize what you eat to serve your unique taste buds. Secret menus items are passed from person to person through word-of-mouth. At, we compile secret menu items from people just like you. The community then votes and weighs in on items to make sure the best always comes out on top!
Ordering from secret menus is not hard but you should follow some basic rules. Since secret menu items are no on the official menu, when you order, you should know not just the name of the item, but also the recipe. It’s a good idea to have the page loaded on your phone, so that way when you are in the store, you’re ready to order your favorite secret menu item. Occasionally, some secret menu items will cost a little bit more because of additional ingredients, but most of the time, you will be getting more for the same price.
After you try a few secret menu items, you will probably start exploring new creations like a mad scientist in the lab. Soon you will start creating secret menu items that rock the house. is a community based site, so we welcome your creations. Send your secret menu ideas to with a high-quality image and a description, and we will review it for inclusion into the site.


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