A successful diner since its founding in 1953, Denny’s serves delicious breakfasts to its customers at more than 1,600 different locations.

The Denny’s secret menu offers decadent modifications and secret entrees that no other diner has. The traditional menu is packed with all of your breakfast favorites, and the nutrition sheet is actually quite surprising. All of that info can be found here on Secret Menus. but before we get to any of that, let’s take a look at the basics. We will put Denny’s in the spotlight, focusing on the things that matter and the questions that you have been asking us about this chain.


Full Menu

Denny’s Restaurant

Year Founded: 1953

Revenue: $50.97 Billion USD (2011)


Locations: 1,700

The taste buds of an American is known to go out for foods that are meaty, tasty, and contains the perfect blend of sensations brought about by an American dish, simply saying: An American palette can only be satisfied by American foods. That is why Denny’s is here to make sure that every American craving is satisfied. Denny’s , the American Diner which is known to be always open, is a place where taste buds gets excited and customers leave with the smile of satisfaction on their faces. Serving meals around the clock and in any minute of the day, you can always come and visit a Denny’s and they’ll make sure that you’ll get a gastronomic experience that will leave you wanting for more.
With the promise of bringing you only the best when it comes to their food, Denny’s serves a variety of meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can say that it is a full packaged diner: a Pancake House, a Coffee Shop, and a fast food casual family restaurant all packed into one!

This American Diner is open on any day (yes, even holidays!) and you can expect that you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits that is brought to your tummies by their foods every time you visit them. And because Denny’s has been able to capture the hungry hearts of many, it continues to grow and seeks to bring their foods closer to the hearts of those who have not yet experienced the one of a kind sensation brought about by their meals. Yep, you better expect great things for Denny’s!

Denny’s – the Beginning of Something Great

The partnership of Harold Butler and Richard Jezak opened up a Donut Shop in Lakewood, CA in 1953. The name of the shop was Danny’s Donuts which quickly grew and has opened 6 other branches. When Richard decided to depart from the business, Harold then created and changed the concept of what was once a donut shop in 1956. As he opened store number 8, Danny’s Donuts became Danny’s Coffee shop that was designed to serve its customers on a 24/7 basis.
In order to avoid confusion with another Los Angeles restaurant chain, Harold had then decided to change the name into Denny’s Coffee shop. After two years, in 1961, Denny’s Coffee Shop incorporated its name to simply Denny’s. From then on, Denny’s became popular and has continued to grow into over 1000 restaurants in all of 50 U.S. states by 1981. By creating new ways of introducing their meals, many have come to love what they are putting on the plates of their customers.   The still popular Grand Slam breakfast was introduced in 1977 and since then became known as a place where a breakfast meal is best served.

Many of Denny’s stores have no door locks and some have reported to have lost their keys because they remain open all the time (Who told you the there’s no forever?). What started as a donut shop is now a big time Denny’s fast-food store that offers a full packed menu of meals that will leave you wanting for more. Today, Denny’s owns more than 1,700 and still continues to grow to other places in and out of the country.

Well-known Denny’s Menu Items

We we hear the word Denny’s, what usually enters our mind is the thought of a very appetizing breakfast served hot and on-the-go. What is most loved by many is the Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast which consists of everything you’ll find in an American breakfast meal; Bacon and egg with pancakes on the side. Denny’s also gives their customers the freedom to Build Your Own Grand Slam Breakfast meal in which you can add hash browns, biscuits or even a chicken sausage patty on your Grand Slam plate. Now that is the kind of freedom that leaves you gasping for more!
Denny’s menu is also not limited to breakfast meals. They also serve burgers wherein one will find it hard to resist the temptation of filling their stomachs, because Denny’s also offers a Build Your Own Burger meal. It grants you the freedom to choose what kind of patty you prefer among the list: Beef, Grilled Seasoned Chicken, Turkey, or Veggie patty. You can also choose what kind of bun you’d like that to be served with. When it comes to eating at Denny’s, the choice is definitely yours.

Among a long list of American foods that is served at Denny’s, you can gulp it all down with some of your favorite beverages that are also available. Among the list are Coffee, Chocolate Milk, Herbal Tea and even cold drinks! These are the meals that more and more Americans are loving every time they visit their favorite Denny’s food store. What more could you ask for?

Denny’s Secret Menu Items

Denny’s complete list of meals is not limited to what you see on their menu. There are a whole lot of hidden (and definitely surprising!) secret menu items that you can avail of. First of which is the Grilled Cheese Sandwich, although this is not a signature dish of Denny’s (so you may find it difficult to be served at your plate), you can be assured that a chef working at Denny’s can make one, so all you have to do is to ask politely and maybe you’ll get something for your persistence.

Another secret item at Denny’s is the Breaded Fish. Who wouldn’t want their fish breaded? So if you find yourself with the desire to eat a fish that is perfectly breaded at Denny’s, you’ll have to use some persuasion tactics since it was removed from the original menu. But you could always ask for it through an employee and maybe they’ll whip it out especially for you. Just don’t forget to pay though!

Another mouth-watering item that is hidden among Denny’s list of entrees is the Tsing Tsing Chicken. A meal that consists of rice, steamed broccoli, and a piece of Tsing Tsing chicken glazed and sometimes topped of with sesame seeds. Yummy!

Meals in the secret menu of Denny’s maybe difficult to avail (you’ll have to request politely), but is definitely worth the try once the meal is in front of you.

Denny’s Nutritional Info & Calories

Denny’s foods are usually light on calories, except if you will eat your hearts out. Well, if you are planning to do that, maybe you should start counting those calories with each meal that you will eat.
Even though you could always create a meal that will suit your health needs, (veggie patty burger is a must-try!). If you want to know more about the nutritional facts of Denny’s menu, you can check if directly to Secret Menus website.

Denny’s Prices

Denny’s offer a wide variety of meals and you can always eat them with the assurance that you’ll get more of the value than what you have paid for. Simply saying, their meals are served at an affordable price and will definitely hit the spot when it comes to your choice of taste. To have a closer look about their menu and prices, please visit Denny’s menu prices to find out more.

Denny’s Locations

Since it began in 1953, Denny’s kept growing and now has 1,700 different locations in all of the 50 U.S. states and has grown over in many places internationally, a mark of excellence that shows in Denny’s continuous growth over time.

Denny’s Hours

All of Denny’s stores are opened on a 24/7 daily basis. It never closes except when it is required by law. So you can definitely enjoy your meals anytime and whenever you choose. There are some days that it does not open though, and there is one day in particular that our readers have been asking us about:

Is Denny’s Open on Christmas?

Denny’s isn’t open all year long and there are some hours and some days when it shuts its doors. However, it is open for most of the day on Christmas. To see which other chains are open on this day and to see just how long Denny’s is open, visit our page on Restaurants Open on US Holidays.


Denny’s Jobs & Careers

A career at Denny’s is available to anyone who is dedicated and works with a passion for great service, great food, and good times. The American Diner is always available to take your application. So whether you want to be a cook, a server or someone who works behind the scenes, you can do so if you have the skills! They are always on the lookout for the best people and crew. So if you are interested to work at Denny’s, you can just apply on their website through the internet or visit a Denny’s store and ask if they have a vacant position available.


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