🍔 In-N-Out Burger® Menu Prices ᐅ Updated for 2017

In-n-Out menu prices can vary by location, but generally, you can be guaranteed a full stomach for less than $10. The full menu is fairly iconic, offering up the same familiar items since their founding in 1948 (for the most part).

The classic menu is primarily comprised of burgers, fries and shakes, with many customers setting their sights on their larger counterparts like the double-double up through the massive 4×4. For prices as cheap as $1.75 for a delicious cheeseburger, In-n-Out’s quality for a bargain cannot be beat. Check out everything else the menu has to offer below.


In-N-Out Burger Menu Prices

In and Out Burger has developed a fan base full of crazed burger-addicts who all rave about what’s on the menu. The chain’s consistent quality has brought great success. Of the most popular items is the Double-Double: a delicious, filling midpoint between a small burger and a monster. A not-so secret menu item, Animal Fries, makes it on the list of top items at In-n-Out Burger. In addition, their milkshakes are a favorite.

In-n-Out Menu

ItemPrice (USD)
Burgers & Fries
Double-Double Burger3.45
French Fries1.60

ItemPrice (USD)
Double-Double Burger6.70
ItemPrice (USD)
Soft Drink - Small1.50
Soft Drink - Medium1.65
Soft Drink - Large1.85
Soft Drink - Extra Large2.05
I found In-n-Out’s menu prices to be fairly reasonable and I have hardly ever heard a complaint about menu items being too pricey. The cost of enjoying a wonderful meal from a place like in n out is really priceless. A comparably priced meal from McDonald’s would cost about the same, or more, but most In-N-Out fans would never visit a McDonald’s again if they had the choice.

What Time Does In-and-Out-Burger Open?

The exact opening time will depend on the location, but most In-n-Out-Burger locations open at around 10:30am. Some of them open just an hour earlier or later. To find the exact time that In-n-Out-Burger opens, check with your local restaurant either through the website, their social media pages or over the phone.

What Time Does In-and-Out-Burger Close?

Most In-n-Out-Burger locations stay open until the early hours of the morning. On average, In-n-Out-Burger closes at between midnight and 2am depending on the location. The busier the location is late into the night, the higher the chance they will remain open.

Since we do not work directly with corporate, it is best to check with your local In-n-Out to see the most up to date pricing information.
If any of these prices are severely outdated, please leave a comment on this page and we will take care of it.

In-n-Out-Burger Double Double

The In-and-Out-Burger Double-Double is one of the best burgers on the In-and-Out-Burger menu and one you should definitely try yourself. The buns are lightly toasted, fluffy and soft; there are two beef patties, two slices of cheese, and all of the usual extras.


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