Taco Bell Menu Prices (UPDATED)

taco-bell-menuThe Taco Bell menu is one of the most rapidly changing in the industry.

There’s very seldom a period longer than a month that Taco Bell goes without adding a new special or a modification. That being said, however, the menu has some longstanding successes such as Doritos Locos Tacos or the Baja Blast Freeze that are certain to endure.  The rest of the options are pretty irresistible too, though, so be sure to scroll down and check out the list!

Most Popular Items on the Taco Bell Menu

Taco Bell’s massive success can be attributed to its innovative and constantly changing menu, but some fan favorites have been in place for awhile. Taco Bell’s way of catering to vegetarians, the 7-Layer Burrito, is one of their top selling items. Other favorites include gooey Nachos Supreme, and of course, the monstrous Crunchwrap Supreme. A top item on the rise is Doritos Locos Tacos.


Taco Bell Menu Prices


Berry Frutista Pomegranate Freeze$2.29
Berry Frutista Pomegranate Freeze® Large$2.49
Cherry Freeze® Crème 16 oz Frutista$2.29
Cherry Freeze® Crème Large$2.49
Cherry Limeade Sparkler$1.69
Cherry Limeade Sparkler Large$1.99
Classic 16 oz Limeade Sparkler$1.69
Classic 20 oz Limeade Sparkler$1.99
Mango Frutista Strawberry Freeze®$2.29
Mango Frutista Strawberry Freeze® Large$2.49
Strawberry Freeze® Frutista$2.29
Strawberry Freeze® Large$2.49
Diet Pepsi 16 oz$1.49
Diet Pepsi 20 oz$1.59
Diet Pepsi 30 oz$1.69
Diet Pepsi 40 oz$1.79
Dr Pepper 16 oz$1.49
Dr Pepper 20 oz$1.59
Dr Pepper 30 oz$1.69
Dr Pepper 40 oz$1.79
Lipton Tea 16 Raspberry oz Iced$1.49
Lipton Tea 20 Raspberry oz Iced$1.59
Lipton Tea 30 Raspberry oz Iced$1.69
Lipton Tea 40 Raspberry oz Iced$1.79
MUG Root Beer 16 oz$1.49
MUG Root Beer 20 oz$1.59

MUG Root Beer 30 oz$1.89
MUG Root Beer 40 oz$1.99
Mountain Dew 16 oz$1.49
Mountain Dew 20 oz$1.59
Mountain Dew 30 oz$1.89
Mountain Dew 40 oz$1.99
Mountain 16 oz Dew Baja Blast$1.49
Mountain 20 oz Dew Baja Blast$1.59
Mountain 30 oz Dew Baja Blast$1.89
Mountain 40 oz Dew Baja Blast$1.99
Pepsi 16 oz$1.49
Pepsi 20 oz$1.59
Pepsi 30 oz$1.89
Pepsi 40 oz$1.99
Sierra Mist 16 oz$1.49
Sierra Mist 20 oz$1.59
Sierra Mist 30 oz$1.89
Sierra Mist 40 oz$1.99
Tropicana oz Fruit Punch 16$1.49
Tropicana oz Fruit Punch 20$1.59
Tropicana oz Fruit Punch 30$1.89
Tropicana oz Fruit Punch 40$1.99
Tropicana Lemonade Pink 16 oz$1.49
Tropicana Lemonade Pink 20 oz$1.59
Tropicana Lemonade Pink 30 oz$1.89
Tropicana Lemonade Pink 40 oz$1.99
1/2 Burrito lb.* Cheesy Potato$2.39
1/2 lb.* Combo Burrito$2.29
7-Layer Burrito$2.29
Bean Burrito$1.09
Beefy 5-Layer Burrito$1.59
Beefy Crunch Burrito
Burrito Supreme® - Beef$2.69
Burrito Chicken Supreme® -$2.69
Burrito Supreme® - Steak$2.69
Fresco Bean Burrito$1.19
Grilled Chicken Burrito$1.69
XXL Beef Grilled Stuft Burrito$3.99
XXL Chicken Grilled Stuft Burrito$4.79
XXL Steak Grilled Stuft Burrito$4.99
Bacon Waffle Taco$1.99
Sausage Waffle Taco$1.99
Steak A.M. Crunchwrap$2.99
Bacon or Sausage A.M. Crunchwrap$2.49
Sausage Flatbread Melt$1.00
Bacon Breakfast Burrito$1.69
Steak and Egg Burrito$2.49
Sausage Breakfast Burrito$1.69
Bacon A.M. Grilled Taco$1.00
Sausage A.M. Grilled Taco$1.00
Hash Brown$1.00
Cinnabon Delights - 4 pc$1.49
Cinnabon Delights - 12 pc$4.49
Premium Hot Coffee$1.49
Orange Juice$1.99
Chalupa Chicken Supreme -$2.89
Chalupa Supreme - Steak$2.99
Chalupa Supreme–Beef$2.19
Drive-Thru Diet® Menu
Fresco Bean Burrito$1.09
Fresco – Chicken Burrito Supreme®$2.69
Fresco – Steak Burrito Supreme®$2.69
Fresco Taco Chicken Soft$1.79
Fresco Crunchy Taco$0.99
Crunchy Taco Supreme$1.39
Fresco Taco Grilled Steak Soft$2.29
Fresco Soft Taco$1.09
Soft Taco Supreme$1.49
Cheesy Gordita Crunch$2.49
Gordita Chicken Supreme® -$2.40
Gordita Supreme® - Steak$2.40
Gordita Supreme® – Beef$2.40

Cheesy Nachos$0.99
Nachos BellGrande®$3.29
Nachos Supreme$2.29
Volcano Nachos$3.99
Caramel Apple Empanada$.99
Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes$1.19
Cinnamon Twists$.99
Mexican Rice$.99
Pintos n Cheese$.99
Cheese Quesadilla$1.99
Cheese Roll-Up$0.89
Chicken Quesadilla$3.29
Chili Cheese Burrito$1.69
Crunchwrap Supreme®$2.89
Enchirito® - Chicken$1.99
Enchirito® - Steak$1.99
Enchirito® – Beef$1.99
Express Chips Taco Salad w/$4.79
Mexican Pizza$3.29
Original Flatbread Chicken Sandwich
Steak Quesadilla$3.49
Taco Salads
Express Chips Taco Salad w/
Fiesta Taco Salad-Beef$4.79
Fiesta Chicken Taco Salad-Chicken$5.49
Fiesta Taco Salad-Steak$5.69
Crispy Potato Soft Taco$.99
DOUBLE Supreme® DECKER® Taco$2.29
Volcano Taco$1.39
Doritos Locos Tacos$1.39
Doritos Locos Tacos Supreme$1.79
Crunchy Taco Box (12 Tacos)$10.99
Variety Taco Box (12 Tacos)$12.99
Why Pay More!® Menu
Bean Burrito$1.09
Beefy 5-Layer Burrito$1.59
Caramel Apple Empanada$1.19
Cheese Roll-Up$0.89
Cheesy Nachos$0.99
Cinnamon Twists$0.89
Crispy Potato Soft Taco$.99
Crunchy Taco$0.99
Soft Taco-Beef$1.09


New Taco Bell Menu Items for March 2017

The Taco Bell menu received a little update in 2017 and our Taco Bell menu prices followed. These items will roll out during the first week of March 2017 as a trial period. If they prove to be popular, who know, maybe we’ll see them on the full Taco Bell menu soon.

These aren’t availabel across all Taco Bell stores just yet, but we’ll be sure to make an announcement when they are. For now, we’ve listed just where you can find them:

Doritos Quesalupa Crunch: Cincinnati

This is an upgrade to the Quesalupa, which was launched as recently as 2016. It’s a cheesier, messier version of the aforementioned menu item, and it’s infinitely better. The Doritos Quesalupa Crunch uses a Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos shell and a Quesalupa shell, with a thick, gooey layer of cheese between them. It’s like a grilled cheese, taco sandwich–and that’s before you even get to the filling.

Caesar Crunchwrap: Nashville

Caesar salad in a taco anyway?

Welcome to the Caesar Crunchwrap, a new Taco Bell menu item that combines all the goodness of a Caesar salad and all the joys of a taco. This won’t be for everyone. If you like your tacos cheesy, gooey and dripping, then it’s definitely not for you. If you want to fool yourself into thinking that you’re somehow eating something that is healthier, then give it a go!

Chicken Enchilada Burrito: Flint, Michigan

This is probably our favorite new menu item. The Chicken Enchilada Burrito combines enchiladas with a soft tortilla, combing the hot and the cold with the messy and the clean. So, if you’re stuck wondering whether you should opt for a burrito or an enchilada tonight, then wonder no more. With the Chicken Enchilada Burrito you can get both.

Providing you live in Flint, of course.


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