Chick-fil-A® Menu Prices

chick_fil_a_menu_pricesChick-fil-A menu prices have evolved over time as the company has come to offer a more comprehensive menu. Chick-fil-A has sold their tender, tasty chicken in just about every form since its founding nearly 70 years ago. Their devout fan base comes with good reason – the menu is chock full of juicy sandwiches, strips, nuggets, and more. Of course, their signature waffle fries are a favorite, too.

Many entrees are priced in a slightly higher range than most fast-food restaurants, since Chick-fil-A offers higher quality. Explore our list of Chick-fil-A menu items to see what catches your eye.

Chick-Fil-A Menu

The Original Chicken Sandwich definitely takes the cake as the most loved item on the Chick-fil-A full menu. It has been a longtime favorite of the Chick-fil-A followers, with their tender, crispy Nuggets taking a close second. Another distinguishing item on their menu are Waffle Fries, sought after by many of their die-hard fans. That being said, every item on the Chick-fil-A menu is worth giving a try!

Chick-fil-A menu prices

Breakfast Menu Prices

Fast food breakfast menus have always been popular. Customers want to leave the house early, grab something on the go and then head for work. And because breakfast is the only time of day when we all allow ourselves to eat a little more fat and sugar than usual, we tend not to feel guilty when loading-up on calories.

The Chick-Fil-A breakfast menu is one of the best out there for this. There are high fat dishes, low-fat dishes and everything in between. So, choose your poison and start your day.

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit$2.55$4.55
Chick-n-Minis (3)$2.25$4.25
Chick-n-Minis (4)$2.95$4.95
Chicken Biscuit$2.09$4.09
Chicken Breakfast Burrito$2.45$4.45
Chicken, Egg & Cheese on Sunflower Multigrain $3.25$5.25
Cinnamon Cluster$1.89 --
Hash Browns$0.99 --
Hot Buttered Biscuit$1.55 --
Sausage Biscuit
Sausage Breakfast Burrito$2.45$4.45
Spicy Chicken Biscuit$2.25$4.45
Sunflower Multigrain Bagel$1.75 --

What Time Does Chick-Fil-A Start Serving Breakfast?

Typically Chick-Fil-A start serving breakfast at 6:30am. There are free breakfasts and all kinds of coupons to take advantage of during this time.

What Time Does Chick-Fil-A Stop Serving Breakfast?

It all depends on location, but most Chick-Fil-A stop serving breakfast at 10:30am. This gives you plenty of time to sample everything that is on the Chick-Fil-A breakfast menu, which you can find on this Chick-Fil-A menu prices page, along with all other menus.

Sandwich Prices

The sandwiches are one of the things that separate the Chick-Fil-A menu from menus like those found at Popeyes, Raising Canes and other chicken chains. In many ways it is also a breath of fresh air when compared to the KFC menu. KFC do have sandwiches, but not quite like the ones found here.

How Much is a Chick-Fil-A Sandwich?

As you can see from our Chick-Fil-A menu prices the Chick-Fil-A sandwich costs around $3. You can get more value for your money if you order one of the combos. You can also take a look at detailed and up to date prices below.

 Item Meal
Chargrilled Chicken Club Sandwich$4.89$7.59
Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich$3.69$6.49
Chick-n-Strips (4)$4.35$7.19
Chick-n-Strips (3)$.3.29$6.15
Chicken Deluxe Sandwich$3.59$6.45
Chicken Salad Sandwich$3.95$6.69
Chicken Sandwich$2.99$5.85
Nuggets (12)$4.39$7.19
Nuggets (8)$2.99$5.85
Spicy Chicken Sandwich$3.25$6.09
Spicy Chicken Deluxe Sandwich$3.85$6.69


How Much do Chick-Fil-A Chicken Wraps Cost?

Chicken wraps are one of the best features of this menu. They come packed with all of the ingredients you can get in your chicken sandwich, but stuffed into a tortilla wrap instead. If they is anything that Americans love more than a burger it’s a wrap, so these tend to perform very well on the Chick-Fil-A menu. However, even in the face of that obsession, these are still often overlooked in favor of the classic chicken sandwich, which we will look at a little later on.

Before we get to that though let’s answer the following question: how much do Chick-Fil-A wraps cost?

Chargrilled Chicken Cool Wrap$4.95$7.89
Chicken Caesar Cool Wrap$4.95$7.89
Spicy Chicken Cool Wrap$4.95$7.89


The salads make for a lighter and healthier break from the rest of the Chick-Fil-A menu. This is chicken that isn’t fried, and there are plenty of fresh veggies and other wholesome ingredients. Salads aren’t always worthwhile on fast food chains, but these are different. To see how many calories and fat these contain, take a look at our Chick-Fil-A Nutrition Info page, which has been linked in the graphic at the bottom of this page. To see how much these salads cost, take a look at the table below.

 Item Meal
Chargrilled Chicken & Fruit Salad$5.99 --
Chargrilled Chicken Garden Salad$5.69 --
Chick-n-Strips Salad$5.69 --
Southwest Chargrilled Chicken Salad$5.69 --



The sides on the Chick-Fil-A menu include all of the usual suspects. But there are some unique additions to this section of the menu as well. And that’s not because they have tried to provide something different, but because they were always different. After all, this is one of the oldest chains in the United States. You can order these sides as part of a combo/meal, which is always advised. This way you’re always going to get the best bang for your buck and can typically shave up to 50% off the prices below if you order them in a meal with a large burger or wrap.

Carrot & Raisin Salad -- $1.65$2.25
Cole Slaw -- $1.65$2.25
Fruit Cup$.179$2.39$3.45
Hearty Breast of Chicken Soup -- $2.45$3.95
Side Salad -- -- $2.39
Waffle Fries (small)$1.45$1.65$1.85
Yogurt Parfait with Chocolate Cookie -- -- $3.55
Yogurt Parfait with Harvest Nut Granola -- -- $2.39


Chick-Fil-A desserts are not exactly the best desserts you will see mentioned on this site. There are many surprise dessert menus hidden away on top fast food chains, including the freshly baked cookies found on the Domino’s menu. Here there are a few decent treats that can make for a nice end to your meal, but do not expect anything amazing, because you will be disappointed.

Chocolate Milkshake (large)$3.09 --
Chocolate Milkshake (small)$2.69 --
Cookies & Cream Milkshake (large)$3.09 --
Cookies & Cream Milkshake (small)$2.69 --
Fudge Nut Brownie $1.75 --
Icedream (cone)$1.19 --
Icedream (cup)$1.59 --
Lemon Pie
Strawberry Milkshake (large)$3.09 --
Strawberry Milkshake (small)$2.69 --
Vanilla Milkshake (large)$3.09 --
Vanilla Milkshake (small)$2.69 --

The Chick-fil-A breakfast menu is a fantastic way to start the day with an egg sandwich on a country biscuit at the right price. As you can see in this video, it is very easy to overdo this! But with so much great food to choose from, we couldn’t really blame you if you did the same.

If you’re too worried about your waist line and your wallet to indulge in all of those foods, then take a look at the following video instead. Here one happy eater reviews a popular chicken sandwich on the Chick-Fil-A menu. This is the foundation of the Chick-Fil-A menu and if you don’t like this meal then you’re probably not going to enjoy the rest of the menu either.

Chick-fil-A menu
Chick-fil-A Secret Menu


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