Jamba Juice® Full Menu with Prices *UPDATED*

jamba-juice-menu-pricesThe Jamba Juice menu is no longer just a never-ending list of smoothies at random prices. The company has diversified, offering some delicious hot drinks, entrees like wraps, salads, flatbread pizzas, oatmeal, and much more.

These delicious additions in tandem with Jamba Juice’s signature smoothies turn the shop into more than just a snack, letting people get refreshment and nourishment too, if they choose. Scroll down and check out the Jamba Juice full menu and prices.

Jamba Juice Menu

Small (when applicable)
Organic Hot Blends
Classic Hot Chocolate with Soymilk
Classic Hot Chocolate with 2% Milk
Classic Hot Chocolate with Nonfat Milk
Heavenly Green Tea Latte with Soymilk
Heavenly Green Tea Latte with 2% Milk
Heavenly Green Tea Latte with Nonfat Milk
Perfectly Chocolate Chai Tea Latte with Soymilk
Perfectly Chocolate Chai Tea Latte with 2% Milk
Perfectly Chocolate Chai Latte with Nonfat Milk
Original Spiced Chai Tea Latte with Soymilk
Original Spiced Chai Tea Latte with 2% Milk
Original Spiced Chai Tea Latte with Nonfat Milk
Mighty Leaf Tea
Organic Detox Infusion
Organic African Nectar
Organic Spring Jasmine
Organic Green Dragon
Oragnic Earl Grey
Mediterranean Medley Pasta Salad
Snappy Sesame Noodle Salad
Ginger Soy Grilled Chicken Salad
Zesty Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad
Greens and Grain Wrap
Greek Goodness Wrap
Chimichurri Chicken Wrap
Asian Style Chicken Wrap
California Flatbreads
Smokehouse Chicken
Four Cheesy
Iced Fruit Tea Infusions
Prickly Pear Tea Infusion
Pomegranate Tea Infusion
Passion Fruit Tea Infusion
Ideal Meals
Yumberry Topper
Acai Topper
Mango Peach Topper
Berry Topper
Chunky Strawberry Topper
Hot Oatmeal
Plain Oatmeal with Brown Sugar$3.49
Fresh Banana Oatmeal$3.49
Blueberry and Blackberry Oatmeal$3.49
Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal$3.49
Fresh Squeezed Juices
Carrot Juice$3.99$4.69
Orange Juice$3.99$4.69
All Fruit Smoothies
Berry Yumberry$4.69$5.39$6.09
Five Fruit Frenzy$4.69$5.39 $6.09
Mega Mango4.69$5.39 $6.09
Strawberry Whirl4.69$5.39 $6.09
Peach Perfection4.69$5.39 $6.09
Pomegranate Paradise4.69$5.39 $6.09
Jamba Light Smoothies
Berry Fulfilling4.69$5.39 $6.09
Mango Mantra4.69$5.39 $6.09
Strawberry Nirvana4.69$5.39 $6.09
Blended with a Purpose
Strawberry Energizer$4.69 $5.39 $6.09
Protein Berry Workout w/Whey$4.69 $5.39 $6.09
Acai Berry Workout$4.69 $5.39 $6.09
Protein Berry Workout w/Soymilk$4.69 $5.39 $6.09
Coldbuster$4.69 $5.39 $6.09
Matcha Energy Shot- Soymilk
Matcha Energy Shot- Orange Juice
Wheatgrass Detox Shot
Jamba Classics
Super Yumberry
Pomegranate Pick-Me-Up
Aloha Pineapple
Caribbean Passion
Peach Pleasure
Banana Berry
Strawberry Surf Rider
Strawberries Wild
Creamy Treats
Mocha Mojo$4.69 $5.39
Coffee Craze$4.69 $5.39
Chill-icious Chai$4.69 $5.39
Orange Dream Machine$4.69 $5.39
Peanut Butter Moo’d$4.69 $5.39
Chocolate Moo’d$4.69 $5.39
Matcha Green Tea Blast$4.69 $5.39
Baked Goods
Orange Dark Chocolate Chip Scone
Tart Cherry Scone
Cheddar Tomato Twist
Omega-3 Chocolate Brownie Cookie
Omega-3 Oatmeal Cookie
Zucchini Walnut Loaf
Reduced-Fat Blueberry Lemon Loaf
Sourdough Parmesan Pretzel
Apple Cinnamon Pretzel

Most Popular Items on Jamba Juice’s Menu

The most popular menu items at Jamba Juice are probably the ones that you have seen the most. Strawberries Wild is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, and Razzmatazz offers that same sweetness with a little bit of tart. As for those who want something a little more tropical, Caribbean Passion is a fan favorite that is consistently featured at mobile Jamba Juice events.


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