Dairy Queen Secret Menu

The Dairy Queen secret menuopens a whole new world of possibilities for the Blizzard connoisseur. With eye-catching options like the Banana Split Blizzard or the famed Midnight Truffle Blizzard, which was once on the full menu, this list of new possibilities is sure not to disappoint. Check out all the treats you didn’t know you could have, try your favorite, and let all of us at SecretMenus know what you think!

Banana Split Blizzard

Ever wish you could get a classic banana split without going to a diner or old-fashioned ice cream shop? Look no further. The Banana Split Blizzard packs all the delicious flavor of this fruity-ice cream combo into a convenient, creamy blizzard.

You can even multiply the fruity flavor by ordering extra bananas, strawberries, and pineapple. Depending on your local DQ, the price of doing so may vary, but it may just be the extra kick you need for the perfect Banana Split Blizzard.To order one, just ask for the name, but if they don’t know how to make it, just tell them you want all the Banana Split Fixins swirled into a blizzard. They’ll know what to do and provide you the ultimate traditional treat.

Chocolate Chip Blizzard

This clever modification to the standard vanilla blizzard is a simple way to add a chocolate punch to your dessert. It’s not laced with the typical chocolate chips used, but rather hardened chocolate in which they dip their ice cream cones.

To get your hands on this classic, just order a vanilla Blizzard and ask them to add bits of hardened chocolate that they dip ice cream cones in. It’s an easy way to get the classic chocolate and vanilla flavor at your local DQ.

Coffee Blizzard

Is the Oreo or Vanilla Blizzard a little too plain for you? Are you a fan of the strong, rich flavor of coffee? Then you should consider spicing things up by adding coffee syrup to your blizzard.

Personally, I can’t see why you’d want to tarnish the sweet cream flavor of Oreos, but in a Vanilla Blizzard, a little coffee sounds like a nice twist. Besides, it’s free, so give it a whirl and see how much coffee can add to your DQ experience.

To order one, just ask for coffee syrup in your Oreo or Vanilla Blizzard. It’s sure to impress.

Frozen Hot Chocolate

The name should just be chocolate milk 2.0, because this drink is in no way hot, nor in any way close to regular chocolate milk. It’s just a simple chocolate milk, with the whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and all, but with chopped up ice cubes interspersed to keep it cool.

That way, on those hot summer nights, you can enjoy decadent chocolate milk without sacrificing the temperature.

Just ask for the Frozen Hot Chocolate, and if they don’t understand, ask them to blend ice cubes into a normal hot chocolate. I can’t ensure that this will be available all year, but when it is, you should take advantage of it.

Marshmallow Crème

Are you a fan of marshmallows? Do you feel like something’s missing from your standard blizzard of sundae? Then maybe adding a little marshmallow crème to your dessert will give it the extra flavor it needs.

At any DQ, just ask for extra marshmallow crème on your dessert, be it a sundae or a blizzard, and they’ll douse your treat with a smooth, sweet melted marshmallow liquid.

To order it, just ask for marshmallow crème on any frozen treat that you order. Its price may vary by location, but nationwide, it’s sure to be delicious!

Midnight Truffle Blizzard

Once a Blizzard of the Month, this now secret menu item is still of raging popularity (among its hidden market). A sweet vanilla blizzard blended with decadent chocolate truffles and fudge, just writing about this treat will make your mouth water.

Ask for the DQ Midnight Truffle Blizzard, and chances are the employees will remember how to make it, but if not, it’s pretty simple. Just get a vanilla blizzard and ask for them to mix in Dark Cocoa Fudge and Truffle Bits. I think I may just go get one now.


Peanut Buster Parfait

The Reese’s McFlurry at McDonalds may be facing some competition if the word gets out with this frozen delicacy. Though instead of chocolate filled with peanut butter, this blizzard boasts hot fudge and crunch peanuts, it fits the same flavor scheme with an added twist.

These toppings can be added to any kind of sundae – just ask for hot fudge and peanuts on top – and you can transform whatever dessert you indulge yourself in.

Date Modified - 03/08/2024