The Official Starbucks Secret Menu [EXCLUSIVE]

The Starbucks secret menu really gives the term “endless possibilities” meaning – it’s nearly impossible to quantify the number of drinks you can conceive of making at Starbucks. The ability to combine any flavor, coffee, shot, or add-in makes their secret menu extremely interchangeable, and extremely exciting.

Their diverse list of secret menu items, much like the Jamba Juice secret menu, is full of drinks that attempt to mimic the flavor of popular desserts like Apple pie or even Thin Mints, the Girl Scout cookie. To see the rest of the options, just scroll down and check out our list below! A few of the many tantalizing Starbucks Secret Menu options.

Starbucks Secret Menu

We are constantly adding menu prices and new items to try. Please leave a comment if we’ve missed something or send us an email with any tips.


The Apple Pie Frappuccino

starbucks-apple-pie-frappuccino The McDonalds Pie McFlurry may be delicious, but Starbucks’ Apple Pie Frappuccino is a whole new flavor. It mixes a creamy froth of apple juice, ice, caramel syrup, and cinnamon syrup to target every taste bud on your tongue. If the barista doesn’t know how to make it, show them the secret recipe: 1. Fill up to the first line with cream 2. Fill up to the 2nd line with apple juice 3. 2 pumps Cinnamon Dolce Syrup 4. 2 pumps caramel syrup 5. Fill with ice & blend Previously a double chocolate chip frappuccino addict, I had one taste of this treat and was turned. Now when I go to Starbucks, the decision is not so easy. Try it today and see if it turns you too.    
Starbucks Banana Cream Pie Frappuccino banana-cream-frappuccino Starbucks has a knack for taking all of the deliciousness of a pie, and putting it into one incredible, icy drink you can buy. They do just this and more with the Banana Cream Pie Frappuccino, mixing hazelnut, vanilla, and banana for a rich, icy delicacy. If they don’t recognize your order, ask for a Vanilla Bean Cream Frappuccino and ask for an extra pump of vanilla and hazelnut syrup plus a whole banana blended in. You won’t be disappointed.
Starbucks Biscotti Frappuccino biscotti-frappuccino Cost: Frappuccino + Biscotti Want some more substance to your frappuccino? Looking to fill yourself up more with your drink? Check out the biscotti frappuccino, a combination of biscotti blended into any Starbucks frappuccino of your liking. It’s as easy as asking the barista to blend in biscotti for you. In my opinion, too much texture in a drink isn’t preferable, but for those looking to spice things up, I suggest you give it a try.      
Starbucks Butterbeer Frappuccino starbucks-butterbeer-frappuccino Calling all Harry Potter fans! Have you ever wanted to try the butterbeer that Hogwarts students would constantly enjoy on their trips to Hogsmeade? You’re in luck. Starbucks, an avid competitor of The Three Broomsticks, has created a Butterbeer Frappuccino (that doesn’t impair house elves) and tastes incredible. Aiming to mimic the flavors in butterbeer, it combines Toffee Nut and Caramel Creme for a cup of icy goodness.

If you ask your barista for a Butterbeer Frappuccino, however, they’ll be a little confused. It’s a simple order, really. Order a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, and ask for an extra 1-2 pumps of caramel syrup and toffee nut syrup, with caramel drizzle on top, and you have your very own Butterbeer.

Starbucks Birthday Cake Batter Frappuccino


Looking for the delicious taste of cake batter but not the carbs? Check out Starbucks’ innovative solution to this problem, the Cake Batter Frappuccino. It’s a  refined taste, combining vanilla and almond to make the perfect mix.

To order one for yourself, just ask for a Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino with almond flavoring on top. I’m not sure how this combination manages to mimic cake batter, but it does so excellently and tickles your taste buds.

Starbucks Candy Cane Frappuccino

Get a taste of the holidays on a year-round basis. It has all the delicious flavor of a vanilla frappuccino with a peppermint twist that’ll get your taste buds hooked.

To get one yourself, order a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino and ask for 1-2 pumps of peppermint syrup to top it off. Whether you’re in the Christmas spirit or just looking for something new, it’s an awesome choice for a delectable drink.


Starbucks Captain Crunch Berry Frappuccino


If you’re a fan of Captain Crunch Berry cereal, then this is definitely the drink for you. This is one of the most popular items on the secret menu due to its mass appeal — anyone who likes Captain Crunch loves this drink.

It’s a pretty diverse combination of flavors. Ask your barista for a Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino, but add one pump each of caramel, hazelnut, and toffee syrup, topped with java chips. It’s hard to imagine these flavors make a Captain Crunch imitation, but this is the closest you’ll come to it in liquid form. See for yourself if it compares to the cereal.


Starbucks Chocolate Covered Strawberry Frappuccino


No, there aren’t any chocolate covered strawberries ground up into this drink. But it’s an even sweeter version of the delicacy, converted into liquid form.

To order one, just ask for a Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino, topped with java chips and mocha drizzle. Though this isn’t one of the most popular secret menu items, it’s definitely one of the sweetest.


Starbucks Chocolate Cream Frappuccino


Want to take a boring Frappuccino and make it delicious? It’s as simple as one ingredient: chocolate. Your mocha or coffee frappuccino will keep you awake, sure, but it lacks that tantalizingly sweet cocoa that will make you actually crave it.

Just ask your barista to add 1-2 of chocolate syrup and it’ll transform your boring frappuccino into an addicting dessert that keeps you going throughout the day. Careful: try it once, and there’s no doubt you’ll be hooked.


Starbucks Cinnamon Roll Frappuccino


Achieve the irresistible flavor of a warm cinnamon roll in the form of a refreshing Starbucks drink. This simple modification to an already incredibly successful drink makes for a sweet change from the normal vanilla frappuccino.

To order one, just ask for a Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino with two extra pumps of cinnamon dolce syrup. Voila! You have a drinkable cinnamon roll.

Starbucks Cinnamon Toast Crunch Frappuccino


They managed to mimic the flavor of a cinnamon roll, so how could they pinpoint a flavor even more distinct, like that of the outrageously popular Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal? I was skeptical at first, too, but the flavor is remarkably similar, perhaps even better.

Don’t limit your Cinnamon Toast Crunch to a bowl at breakfast, but at anytime in the day, on the go, or just at home. It’s the perfect solution for cereal addicts everywhere.

To make this combination, order a White Mocha Frappuccino, with a pump each of cinnamon dolce syrup and hazelnut syrup, and with cinnamon sugar on top. There you have it! Your very own bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch…in a drink. Enjoy, and try not to forget about the cereal once you try this delectable treat.

Starbucks Oreo/Cookies and Cream Frappuccino


This is a combination of two of my favorite things: my original favorite frappuccino, the Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino, and my favorite flavor of ice cream, cookies and cream. The drink mimics the ice cream flavor perfectly, while still retaining the chocolatey goodness in the original frappuccino flavor.

This is one of my favorite drinks/desserts ever, let alone just at Starbucks. I would recommend it as one of the top 3 best drinks on their menu, definitely.

To order it yourself, just ask for a Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino with White Mocha sauce instead of the regular sauce. You won’t regret it.


Starbucks Cotton Candy Frappuccino


Bring the fair to the coffee shop with this powerfully sweet treat. Don’t eat a cotton lump of pure sugar; rather, down a refreshingly cold vanilla drink with a raspberry accent.

One of the more popular items on the secret menu, the Cotton Candy Frappuccino is in high demand. Get one yourself by ordering a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with 1-2 extra pumps of raspberry syrup. Who needs the fair when you have Starbucks?



Starbucks Ferrero Rocher Frappuccino


This is decadence in a drink. Short of dropping a box of the rich chocolates into a blender and throwing it into a drink, there’s no way it can be imitated, right?

Wrong. Like always, Starbucks found a way. It uses my favorite drink, the luscious Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino in tandem with a combination of rich ingredients to create a drink that matches the flavor of Ferrero Rocher’s delectable chocolates.

To order one, just ask for a Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino with 2-3 pumps mocha syrup, 1-2 pumps hazelnut syrup, and a hazelnut drizzle on top. The end result is certain: sheer saccharine goodness.


Starbucks French Vanilla Frappuccino


Walking the line between frappuccino and milkshake, this treat is a clever copy of the french vanilla flavor so often sought after in ice cream flavors, especially. It adds sweet caramel to the vanilla and hazelnut mix, forming the best possible imitation of french vanilla in a drink.

If you want to order one of your own, ask for a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with 1-2 pumps each of vanilla and hazelnut syrup with a caramel drizzle on top. It’s remarkable how changing just one ingredient gives a drink a completely different flavor, but the result are evident. Try one out and see for yourself just how “french vanilla” this frappuccino is.


Starbucks Fruity Pebbles Frappuccino


Starbucks has this habit of taking wildly popular breakfast cereals and making them into an irresistible drink. They’re pretty good at it, too. While the Fruity Pebbles Frappuccino doesn’t pack the same crunch that a bowl of cereal does, it offers an icy froth of flavor, even sweeter than the cereal.

So, for those of you with a sweet tooth and an affinity for Fruity Pebbles, Starbucks has your fix all day, every day.

Order one by asking for a Strawberry and Creme Frappuccino with 2 pumps vanilla syrup, 1 pump raspberry syrup, and a little bit of orange-mango juice (if possible), though it’s not necessary. This drink is sure to hook people — Fruity Pebble fans or not — after one sip.


Starbucks Grasshopper Frappuccino



A slight variation of the well-known but still secret menu item, Thin Mints Frappuccino, this drink offers a taste perhaps even better than its more-popular brother. This version, however, mimics mint-chocolate chip ice cream more than the Girl Scout cookie.

Ordering one is as simple as asking for a Mocha Frappuccino with java chips and 1-2 pumps of peppermint syrup. Give it a try and see whether you’re a cookie monster or an ice cream addict.


Neapolitan Frappuccino


Achieve the flavor of the classic milkshake by combining chocolate, vanilla and strawberry in one delicious frappuccino. Though Starbucks uses a slightly different approach than a standard milkshake, it’s a refreshing treat that hits on all of the major flavors for those who want diversity in their drink.

To order one for yourself, set a strawberry base with a Strawberrys and Creme Frappuccino with 2 pumps of mocha syrup, vanilla bean syrup, and chocolate drizzle on top. Thus, you form the perfect combination of the three flavors for the better-than-neapolitan frappuccino.


Starbucks Pumpkin Pie Frappuccino


I’m sure you’ve seen all the girls on Twitter or Instagram talking about how the only reason they’re excited for Fall is the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Well, that’s not the only irresistible drink that’s available only during October and November. The Pumpkin Pie Frappuccino takes all the deliciousness of the Pumpkin Spice line and adds its own elements like cinnamon and whipped cream.

To see if this modification can actually triumph over the Pumpkin Spice enterprise,  you can order a Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino with 1-2 pumps of cinnamon dolce syrup, whipped cream blended in, and cinnamon dolce sprinkles on top of it. Try it for yourself, and maybe this is the next drink to await eagerly for the Fall.


Starbucks Raspberry Cheesecake Mocha Frappuccino


Why settle for a boring mocha frappuccino? In fact, why even settle for a white chocolate mocha frappuccino? There are better flavors on the horizon. Starbucks has managed to pinpoint a way to mimic the rich flavor of a raspberry cheesecake in liquid form. This combination of rich and fruity is the perfect balance between the decadence of cheesecake and the natural flavor of fruit.

Order one for yourself by asking for a White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino with 1-3 pumps of raspberry syrup, with the option of vanilla sprinkles on top. Its rich flavor is sure to convert you to a raspberry cheesecake fanatic.


Starbucks S’mores Frappuccino


Anyone who’s had s’mores before know that they want some more. Knowing that, Starbucks found a way to mimic that irresistible flavor in an icy, refreshing frappuccino. If you have a taste for chocolate, you’re sure to love this delicious drink.

To get one of your own, order a Java Chip Frappuccino with a pump each of cinnamon dolce syrup and toffee nut syrup, with whipped cream blended in and on top. It’s the secret recipe to the ultimate chocolate refreshment.


Starbucks Super Cream Frappuccino


For the frappuccino fiend looking for a consistency closer to that of a milkshake, this is the drink for you. Essentially, it’s taking any one of your favorite frappuccinos and asking for it to be blended with heavy cream instead of the regular.

The effect is a richer flavor and a thicker drink. If you want the extra decadence and consistency, ask for heavy cream, and try out a whole new way to get your frappuccinos.


Starbucks Teddy Graham Frappuccino


Take a fondly remembered snack from childhood and combine it with the rich flavored coffee that gets you through a day in the real world, and you have the ultimate frappuccino. Sweet cinnamon and honey overpower the flavor of coffee to give it the flavor of a crunchy little Teddy Graham, with the refreshment that comes with an iced drink.

To try one for yourself, just ask for a coffee frappuccino with a pump each of cinnamon dolce and vanilla syrup, and honey. It’s the perfect recipe for a childhood favorite in a cup.


Thin Mint Frappuccino


Wait, you can do that? Most people hear the “Thin Mint Frappuccino” and instantly want to try it for themselves. I won’t try to convince you. The allure of an icy cool mint combination of a Thin Mint with rich chocolate syrup all mashed into one refreshing frappuccino should be plenty to reel you in.

To see what all the hype’s about, order a Tazo Green Tea Creme Frappuccino with two pumps of chocolate syrup, 1 of mint syrup, java chips, and honey. Mix it all together and you have one of the greatest frappuccino innovations in history. Trust me, you’ll be a fanatic after just one sip.


Starbucks Twix Frappuccino


The picture of decadence in one drink. A beautiful compilation of rich chocolate, caramel, hazelnut and mocha, this drink masterfully mimics the irresistible flavors of Twix in the form of an icy frappuccino. For any avid Twix lover, or just a chocolate fan, trying the Twix Frappuccino is a must.

Order one by asking for a caramel frappuccino with 1-2 pumps each of caramel and hazelnut syrup, java chips, and caramel and mocha drizzle on top. It has a fairly high number of ingredients because it takes a lot to make a drink this rich. Not much compares. Try it today and make the comparison yourself.


Starbucks Zebra Mocha Frappuccino


As the last frappuccino on the Starbucks secret menu list, the Zebra Mocha goes out with a bang by delivering richness and popularity comparable to the most raved-about items on the list. It combines white chocolate, chocolate, and mocha in a delicious, creamy masterpiece.

To get one of your own, ask for a frappuccino — half chocolate and half white chocolate — with a chocolate drizzle and chocolate chips on top. Sounds like a lot of chocolate, because, well…it is. And that’s what makes it one of the most irresistibly sweet items on the menu.



Starbucks Butterbeer Latte (Hot)


If you want the classic Harry Potter flavor of a hot Butterbeer for a cold night in Hogsmeade, this is the perfect alteration to the Butterbeer Frappuccino for you. It offers everything the frappuccino does and more, with a blast of caffeine to wake you up.

To try out this literally hot commodity, order whole milk steamer with 2-4 pumps each of caramel, toffee nut, and cinnamon dolce syrup, whipped cream and salted caramel bits on top, with some shots of espresso (optional). Try it out and see if you too will be hooked on the warm buttery deliciousness that Starbucks so flawlessly recreated.


Starbucks Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Latte


This cocoa-packed spinoff on the acclaimed Pumpkin Spice Latte is where rich decadence meets traditional flavor. The outrageously popular fall latte is only made better when you add delicious chocolate syrup to the equation.

Ask for a Pumpkin Spice Latte with 2 extra pumps of chocolate syrup to try one for yourself. Chocolate drizzle on top isn’t a half bad idea, either. No matter what, you’re sure to have a latte experience that’ll change your fall buying habits forever.


Starbucks Three C’s Latte


Caramel, Cinnamon, and Chocolate — the three best C flavors in the world, all in one irresistible latte. With cinnamon overpowering the other two, this drink is the perfect balance of flavors for a cinnamon fan who wants a taste of the other options.

To get your hands on one, just ask for a Cinnamon Dolce Latte with 2 pumps of chocolate syrup and 1 pump of caramel syrup. Its combination of decadent flavors makes it sure to win the hearts of cinnamon lovers everywhere.




Starbucks Caramel Snickerdoodle Macchiato


How this mixture of flavors manages to mimic a caramel snickerdoodle, I’m not sure, but the exquisite taste of Soy Caramel Macchiato seamlessly blended into a sea of vanilla and cinnamon makes for a close copy. The only difference is this version is cool, refreshing, and caffeinated.

Order one by asking for an Iced Soy Caramel Macchiato, upside-down, with 1-2 pumps each of vanilla and cinnamon dolce syrup. This combo with the upside-down macchiato makes for a smooth blend of flavors that few can rival.


Starbucks Raspberry Caramel Macchiato


Raspberry and caramel? The combination of the two flavors almost sounds a little bit absurd in a cold macchiato from Starbucks. Its creation, however, is really quite simple.

The drink is one of the most interesting looking items on the secret menu, with a bright red coloring throughout the drink that fades to a darker shade at the top, where the caramel resides. That part is also the most delicious, with the two flavors making a surprisingly compatible flavor combination.

To see for yourself about this interesting drink, just order a regular Caramel Macchiato, but substitute raspberry syrup in place of vanilla syrup. It makes for a unique flavor that’ll quench your thirst, but never your desire to get more.


Specialty Drinks


Starbucks Red Eye



This drink is simply a regular drip coffee with an extra shot of espresso in your cup. It’s not quite super-caffeinated, but enough to give you a boost to get through the morning. If you’re a caffeine fiend who needs more to get by, fear not: there are other, more extreme options.

To get your hands on a Red Eye just ask for an extra shot of espresso in your cup of any drip coffee. A little extra caffeine can go a long way.

Starbucks Black Eye



This is the drink that you should order if you’re trying to avoid dosing off at your desk at work. It packs a powerful punch, with a full cup of drip coffee and two extra shots of espresso, but doesn’t quite match the level of the Green Eye.

Order one by asking for a cup of Regular Drip Coffee plus 2 Espresso shots. You’ll be wide awake for quite awhile with this one.

Starbucks Green Eye



Falling asleep while standing up? Sleeping through alarms? Can’t manage to focus during your 7:30 am class, that first hour at work, or when the weariness of the day starts to set in?

Sounds like you need Starbucks’ Green Eye, a caffeine overload so strong that it’ll keep you alert and productive all day. It’s a full cup of Regular Drip Coffee with three shots of espresso. By that point, I’m pretty sure you’ll have more caffeine in your veins than blood, but hey, whatever gets you through the day.

To order one, get a cup of Regular Drip Coffee with 3 extra Espresso shots. I wouldn’t recommend ordering it after the early afternoon, but it’s sure to keep you focused on whatever you’re working on.


Starbucks Liquid Cocaine


It doesn’t get much more intense than this. Starbucks’ Liquid Cocaine, the name derived from users being as wired as a cocaine user due to the overload of caffeine.

The drink, a Venti coffee with four shots of espresso in it, and some white chocolate flavor to outweigh the coffee flavor, is exceedingly powerful. Liquid Cocaine has about 5x the amount of caffeine in your standard cup of coffee, which is often plenty to keep people wide awake for hours.

If you think you have it in you to down this massive amount of caffeine in one sitting, just ask for ice to fill a Grande cup, 4 shots Espresso, 4 pumps white chocolate syrup, and fill the rest with milk so you can stomach it.

In times of desperation, this cup may be your fix to keeping yourself awake, but I wouldn’t recommend making it a regular thing. As a last resort to remaining conscious, however, Liquid Cocaine will always do the job.


Starbucks Chocolate Dalmatian


For those who are fans of chocolate and even bigger fans of white chocolate, this drink will make all of your dreams come true. Comprised of a milky sea of white chocolate deliciousness speckled with chocolate and java chips, the drink is one of the most popular secret menu items.

To order one for yourself, just ask for a Hot White Chocolate Mocha with java chips and chocolate chips. Try it and you’re sure to be hooked on the delicacy of the Dalmatian.


Starbucks Dirty Chai


This is one of the DIY secret menu items that’s hardly different from the regular menu, but definitely makes a difference in effect. It’s just a Chai Latte with an extra shot of espresso. That espresso can go a long way, however.

Ask your barista for a Dirty Chai, and they’ll probably know what you’re getting at, but if not, just ask for another shot of espresso in your latte. Enough to keep your chai flavor and add in the extra caffeine to get you through the day.


The Undertow

the undertow

The undertow is a small, sugary coffee that’s different than most. It’s made of regular coffee with a splash of milk at the bottom, your favorite flavor, and to make things interesting, two shots of espresso to chug from the top.

To order one for yourself, just ask for a Drip Coffee with three pumps of any syrup, a splash of milk, and 2 shots of espresso at the top. Down this tasty treat and you’ll have the juice to stay awake for hours.


Starbucks Strawberry Lemonade


On a hot day when caffeine or mocha doesn’t sound good, enjoy this sweet treat.
The tangy-ness from the lemonade and the sweetness from the strawberry make this drink a winner.

If you’re looking for a cool way to refresh your taste buds and quench your thirst, you’ll love this tangy drink.
It’s just what it sounds like. Simply order by name, and a barista can make it for you.

Starbucks Secret Menu
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