Arby’s Menu Prices (New for 2017)

arbys-menu-prices-logoArby’s menu prices tend to be a little steeper than some of the other fast food restaurants. However, their food is also a step above. It’s fresher, and in many cases, it’s also better sourced.

In fact, since the Arby’s menu, there has been a distinction in prices. When they first began selling their roast beef sandwiches back in the early 1960s, the Raffel brothers charged $0.69 for their fare. This might sound like a bargain now, but back then it was quite a bit more than what others were charging. In fact, many burger chains, including the likes of McDonalds menu and White Castle, were charging an average of $0.15 for a burger.

Even though they might be a bit pricier from certain fast food chains, they are on par with Chick-Fil-A and Wendy’s pricing. And you can always count on Arby’s value and quality.

Arby’s Beef and Cheddar

This is a Arby’s menu item that is simple but delicious. It combines the full and deep flavors of beef and cheddar to make a sandwich that packs a powerful flavorful punch from the first bite to the last. Take a look at our Arby’s Menu Prices tables to see how much this one will cost you—we recommend that you check it out.

Arby’s Menu Prices

Item NamePrice ( USD )
Classic Roast Beef3.29
Mid Roast Beef4.29
Mid Roast Beef - Meal6.69
Max Roast Beef5.29
Max Roast Beef - Meal7.69
Classic Beef 'n Cheddar3.99
Classic Beef 'n Cheddar - Meal6.39
Mid Beef 'n Cheddar4.99
Mid Beef 'n Cheddar - Meal7.39
French Dip & Swiss4.49
French Dip & Swiss - Meal6.79
Smokehouse Brisket5.59
Smokehouse Brisket - Meal7.69
Corned Beef Reuben4.99
Corned Beef Reuben - Meal7.49
Angus Three Cheese & Bacon5.59
Angus Three Cheese & Bacon - Meal7.69
Angus Philly5.59
Angus Philly - Meal7.69
Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Sandwich5.29
Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Sandwich - Meal7.59
Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Wrap5.29
Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Wrap - Meal7.59
Roast Turkey & Swiss Sandwich4.99
Roast Turkey & Swiss Sandwich - Meal7.49
Roast Turkey & Swiss Wrap4.99
Roast Turkey & Swiss Wrap - Meal7.49
Grand Turkey Club4.49
Grand Turkey Club - Meal6.79
Crispy Chicken - Meal6.49
Chicken Bacon & Swiss4.59
Chicken Bacon & Swiss - Meal6.99
Chicken Cordon Bleu4.59
Chicken Cordon Bleu - Meal6.59
Prime-Cut Chicken Tenders3 Pc - 3.69
5 Pc - 5.19
Prime-Cut Chicken Tenders - Meal3 Pc. - 6.19
5 Pc - 7.69
Crispy Fish Flatbread (Limited Time)2.99
Crispy Fish Flatbread - Meal (Limited Time)4.99
Crispy Fish Sandwich (Limited Time)2.99
Crispy Fish Sandwich - Meal (Limited Time)4.99
King's Hawaiian Fish Deluxe (Limited Time)3.99
King's Hawaiian Fish Deluxe - Meal (Limited Time)5.99
Steak Fajita Flatbread (Limited Time)4.99
Steak Fajita Flatbread - Meal (Limited Time)6.99
Fiery Steak Fajita Flatbread (Limited Time)4.99
Fiery Steak Fajita Flatbread - Meal (Limited Time)6.99
Make It Medium Meal0.59
Make It Large Meal0.99
Item NamePrice ( USD )
Jr. Roast Beef1.59
Ham Melt1.59
Jr. Cheddar Melt1.59
Jr. Bacon Cheddar Melt2.09
French Fries (Curly or Waffle) - Snack1.19
Jr. Shake (Chocolate, Jamocha or Vanilla)1.29
Drink - Kids1.09
Item NamePrice ( USD )
Chicken Slider1.49
Corned Beef Slider1.49
Ham Slider1.49
Roast Beef Slider1.49
Jalapeño Roast Beef Slider1.49
Item NamePrice ( USD )
$1 Each 2-5 PM
Any Slider1.00
Fries, Shake or Drink -
2 for $5 - Mix 'n Match
Loaded Curly Fries, Roasted Beef Classic, Crispy Fish Fillet & Beef 'n Cheddar Classic two5.00
Kids Meal
Roast Beef 'n Cheese Slider3.99
Ham 'n Cheese Slider3.99
Prime-Cut Chicken Tenders2 Pc - 3.99
Farmhouse Salad (Crispy Chicken or Roast Turkey)4.99
Side Salad1.69
Item NamePrice (USD)
Waffle Fries - Small1.69
Waffle Fries - Medium1.99
Waffle Fries - Large2.19
Curly Fries - Small1.69
Curly Fries - Medium1.99
Curly Fries - Large2.19
Potato Cakes2 Pc - 1.69
3 Pc - 1.99
4 Pc - 2.19
Mozzarella Sticks4 Pc - 2.99
6 Pc - 4.69
Jalapeño Bites5 Pc - 2.99
8 Pc - 4.69
Steakhouse Onion Rings2.99
Chips - Bag1.29
Loaded Curly Fries (Limited Time)2.99
Item NamePrice (USD )
Shake (Chocolate, Jamocha or Vanilla) -
Shake (Chocolate, Jamocha or Vanilla) -
Shake (Chocolate, Jamocha or Vanilla) -
Mint Chocolate Swirl Shake (Limited Time)20 oz - 2.99
Turnovers (Apple, Cherry, or Chocolate)1.39
Soft Drink - Small1.59
Soft Drink - Medium1.79
Soft Drink - Large1.99
Bottled Water1.49
Iced Tea2.29

Arby’s Kids Menu

While a hamburger or cheeseburger is nowhere to be seen on an Arby’s menu, your selection of sandwiches is varied and oh-so-good. With 22 full-sized sandwiches to choose from, you have your pick of everything from a deli-fresh sandwich to a French dip. Not to mention the delicious Arby’s classics like the Classic Roast Beef or the Beef ‘n Cheddar.

While there are no hamburgers, the Arby’s menu has expanded over the years to include sliders. They have also created some tasty snack-sized sandwiches with some smaller-scale versions of their Signature Sandwiches. And at just $1.49, these tasty little bites are are an inexpensive way to load up on protein.

And let’s not forget Arby’s famous Jamocha shakes. These iconic drinks combine chocolate with a hint of coffee, and they pair perfectly with a roast beef sandwich and a side of Arby’s curly fries. Arby’s other sides include mozzarella sticks and potato cakes, and they all go greatly with their Signatures Sandwiches!

You can also find a fairly wide selection of twists on all of the Arby’s classics on their secret menu. The most popular of the secret menu items is the Meat Mountain. This is a huge stack of all the Arby’s meats in one single bun, and it is every bit as naughty, messy and delicious as it sounds.

Arby’s Limited Edition Menu

Arby's menu prices

A unique take on a classic American sandwich.

Many fast food chains offer limited editions, holiday specials, and other treats. From the short-lived but much-enjoyed Cinnapie from Papa John’s, to green shakes and hot drinks that celebrate St Patrick’s Day and are available in chains like Starbucks menu prices and Dunkin’ Donuts menu. Arby’s is no different, and if anything, they have more limited edition items than you can find at the aforementioned chains.

Some of these are discussed on our Arby’s secret menu page, others can be found listed on the table below. There are new menu items coming and going all of the time. But if you pay attention to the latest menu and the latest promotions you can stay up to date with these.

Arby’s Full Menu and Prices

All Arby’s meals come with small curly fries and a small drink. For an additional $0.59, you can upgrade to a medium. If you want a large, add an extra $0.99. You get a lot more food for a little extra money. This is why so many customers opt for the upgrade when they order.

To see the full Arby’s menu, complete with prices for each item, take a peek at the table below. This is updated all of the time and should be relevant at the time of reading.

Arby’s Gyro

The Greeks know food. They have some of the best food in the world and that’s as true of their fine dining food as it is of their family meals and their take-out and street food. One of their favorite street food/take-out meals is something known as gyros, which Arby’s have adapted.

In Greece, they create kebab skewers of roast meat (pork or chicken) and thick-cut vegetables. They then take a pita, wrap it around the skewer and pull. The contents of the skewer stays in the pita and creates a perfect taco-style sandwich. They finish this off with tzatziki, fresh tomato and red onion, and there you have the ultimate Greek take-out food. Much of this process remains with the Arby’s Gyro, except they also have gyros that use thinly cut deli meats.

Arby’s Sauce

Arby’s sauce goes with many meats and works great in most of their sandwiches. You don’t have to visit his chain to get a taste of this sauce either as you can make it at home with a few basic ingredients that you might have already.

Just mix together the following ingredients, sizing up or down if you want to create more or less of this sauce.

  • 1 Teaspoon of Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1 Cup of Ketchup
  • Quarter Teaspoon Garlic Powder
  • Quarter Teaspoon Onion Powder
  • 1 Tablespoon Tabasco
  • 1 Tablespoon Water
  • Teaspoon Brown Sugar
  • Dash of Salt and Pepper

This will make enough sauce to create half a dozen servings. You can keep it in the fridge though if you want to make more. It should stay edible for a few days.

The Arby’s kids menu is a great option if you have some little ones in tow and the adult portions are too big or they are too picky about the choice of foods on offer. The kids menu includes basic dishes that are also a little smaller. There are sliders in simple Roast Beef and Ham n Cheese, and there are also Arby’s Curly Fries, applesauce, chocolate milk and a few other items popular with kids.

Arby’s Mozzarella Sticks

The Arby’s Mozzarella Sticks won’t do your waist any favors, but they are cheap and they are delicious. They have a crispy, herby exterior with creamy, stringy cheese inside. You can order them in a batch of 4 or 6 and they come with a marinara sauce for dipping. Just take a look at our Arby’s menu to see updated prices.

If this is not quite your thing then try their Jalapeño Bites instead. They have a similar coating and they also come with a dipping sauce, but they have much more heat and much more bite to them.

Arby’s Sliders

You can get a lot into a little slider, especially if you’re at Arby’s. There are a huge number of sliders to choose from here and they all come packed with meat and with flavor. One of our personal favorites is the Buffalo Chicken Slider, which has a sweet, creamy and tangy sauce, as well as a big hunk of buffalo chicken. There are also roast beef, deli meats and other sliders. For a limited time you could also order a Pizza Slider from Arby’s.

If you can still find it on your local Arby’s menu then we would recommend that you give this a try. It brings together salami, pepperoni, provolone cheese and marinara sauce. It’s a pizza in a sandwich, and it’s every bit as awesome as it sounds.

Arby’s Smokehouse Brisket

The Arby’s Smokehouse Brisket offers layers and layers of smoky, meaty flavors for the ultimate in smoked indulgence. You have the smoked meat, which falls apart in your mouth; the smoked gouda, which instills a creamy, stringy quality; and the BBQ sauce, which offers another layer of smokiness but also adds a sweetness. There is also a layer of crispy onions and some mayo.

It’s not wonder why the Arby’s Smokehouse Brisket has quickly become one of the most popular items on the Arby’s menu and why it’s a personal favorite of ours here at Secret Menus. Take a look at our Arby’s menu table to see the updated price of this.

Arby’s Shakes

One of our favorite Arby’s shakes has been the Orange Cream, which was a delicious limited edition shake that reminded us of Orange Julius. There are many more tasty Arby’s shakes out there though, including Jamocha, Ultimate Chocolate and more. These are affordable, but they pack one hell of a punch where the calories are concerned.

You can see this for yourself by taking a look at our Arby’s Nutrition Tables. Prepare for a shock though. In fact, we prefer not to look at these at all, to indulge as much as possible and then to look at the Arby’s Nutrition tables. That way we can act surprised and pretend we had always thought it was health food.

“You mean to say that sugar and fat is bad? Well, now we know we’ll definitely only ever having 2 or 3 more shakes and that’s it. Maybe 5. Okay, 10. But we’re stopping after that….let’s make it 20”

Arby’s Breakfast

The Arby’s breakfast menu is a fairly recent addition and it can only be found in around 200 Arby’s locations around the United States. One of the locations that has trialled the breakfast menu is in New York, but the rest are spread nationwide.

The Arby’s breakfast menu includes some common fast food breakfast options as well as some unique ones. You will find breakfast sandwiches made from flatbread; sliders with bacon, ham and cheese; and a brisket biscuit.