IHOP Nutrition Info (Calories, Fat and Sugar Content)


IHOP Nutrition Info

IHOP is the ultimate breakfast destination. This is where countless Americans load-up on the essential energy needed to get them through the day. We’ve already looked at the IHOP Menu Prices and we’ve already discussed the IHOP Secret Menu. On this page, we’re going to take a look at the calories, the fat and the sugar content of all IHOP menu items.

You can see this content below, in a table that is updated regularly and reflects all current IHOP menu items. Below this we will discuss just why the American breakfast is so unique. Because if you feel a little patriotic pride, then you’ll feel less guilty about tucking-into all of those delicious pancakes.

IHOP Nutrition Guide

Breakfasts of the World

IHOP Nutrition Info

The United States is a mix of cultures and cuisines. There is such a thing as American cuisine though, and breakfast is as unique here as it is anywhere else. Americans like to load-up on sugar, fat and protein. It seems that the majority of breakfast meals are split between pancakes, fruits, smoothies and other sweet treats, and fried eggs, bacon and steak.

Very little of these breakfast staples are healthy. But they are all dense foods, loaded with quick, readily accessible energy. As a result, they can all set you up for the day. Other countries might find some of these breakfast staples a little odd. In Europe, for instance, they wouldn’t dream of eating steak for breakfast. However, Americans would find many other global breakfast staples just as odd.

Don’t believe us? Here’s a quick rundown of what other countries consider to be breakfast staples:


The Chinese diet is varied and there are regional differences when it comes to breakfast. A form of fried dough is very popular nationwide, and you can also expect to find people eating hot soup and drinking warm soy milk.


The “English Breakfast” or “All-Day Breakfast” is a mass of meat, beans and everything else you can think of. It’s fatty, it’s greasy, but in a bizarre way, it’s also balanced. A common breakfast will include fried eggs, fried bacon, fried tomatoes (tinned tomatoes are also used) baked beans, fried black pudding (pig’s blood), fried sausage and buttery toast.


Aussies love the All-Day breakfast as well, but they also love Vegemite. This is an acquired taste, to say the least, but Aussies can’t get enough it it.


The Brazilians enjoy a plate of cold deli meats and cheeses, as well as a soup made from beans.


The Germans also like a selection of deli delights. But they enjoy these with all kinds of pastries, breads and spreads.


The Japanese diet probably seems like the most “out-there” to Western tastes, but the same can be said for Japan culture in general. For breakfast, they eat everything from pickled vegetables and steamed fish, to omelettes, rice, miso soup and marinated tofu.