Popeyes® Nutrition Info (Updated for 2017)

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The Popeyes® Nutrition Info table makes for disheartening reading for some. If you can’t resist the taste of their famous fried chicken, then you might be disappointed or even shocked to learn just what it contains. To put it simply, while fresh, skinless chicken is perfectly healthy, it stops being so once you coat it in batter and dip in oil.

Still, it tastes fantastic. And if you keep an eye on your calorie intake, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy this delicious treat every now and then. Below you will find our complete Popeyes Nutrition Info guide. This is updated on a regular basis and we do all that we can to ensure this information remains accurate at all times.

Once you read through our Popeyes Nutrition Info guide, you may also want to check our Popeyes Menu Prices guide.

Popeyes Nutrition Info

Item NameCalories (kcal)Total Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Sugar (g)
Bonafide Mild Chicken Breast440271010
Bonafide Mild Chicken Leg1609400
Bonafide Mild Chicken Wing21014400
Bonafide Spicy Chicken Leg17010400
Bonafide Spicy Chicken Thigh26018600
Bonafide Spicy Chicken Wing21014600
Bonafide Mild Chicken Thigh28021800
Bonafide Spicy Chicken Breast42027910
Item NameCalories (kcal)Total Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Sugar (g)
Diet Coke00000
Diet Pepsi00000
Dr Pepper25000068
Fanta Orange30000080
Fanta Strawberry30000080
Hawaiian Punch17500043
Mountain Dew29000077
Sweet Tea18000045
Unsweetened Tea00000
Item NameCalories (kcal)Total Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Sugar (g)
Bacon Biscuit400251202
Chicken Biscuit49026140.52
Egg & Sausage Biscuit690452202
Egg Biscuit510291502
Orange Juice14000030
Sausage & Gravy Biscuit51033140.53
Sausage Biscuit540361802
Item NameCalories (kcal)Total Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Sugar (g)
Chicken Blackened Tenders (3 Pcs)1702000
Chicken Mild Tenders (3pcs)34014610
4 Piece Chicken Nuggets150940.50
Chicken Spicy Tenders (3 Pcs)31015610
Hot Cinnamon Apple Pie32068012
Hot Sweet Potato Pie350198010
Mardi Gras Cheesecake3101910022
Mississippi Mud Pie28071.5027
Sliced Pecan Pie410216022
Item NameCalories (kcal)Total Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Sugar (g)
Blackened Bbq Chicken Po' Boy34071.5011
Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya22011300
Chicken Livers119080344.53
Chicken Po' Boy66034913
Loaded Chicken Wrap31013600
Shrimp Po' Boy690421313
Butterfly Shrimp (8 Shrimp)29017810
Catfish Fillet460291220
Popcorn Shrimp3309910
Item NameCalories (kcal)Total Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Sugar (g)
Barbeque Nutrition450008
Blackened Ranch1200201
Creamy Horseradish13011206
Mardi Gras Mustard10081.504
Sweet Heat7000014
Tartar Sauce140152.501
Item NameCalories (kcal)Total Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Sugar (g)
Regular Cajun26014510
Regular Cajun Rice1705204
Cheddar Cheese Tortilla14052.500
Regular Cole Slaw220152.5015
Corn On The Cob19020.500
Regular Green Beans402001
One Piece Jalapenos00000
Regular Macaroni & Cheese20073.503
Regular Mashed Potatoes1104201
Six Piece Onion Rings28019812
Regular Red Beans & Rice23014400

Does Popeyes Have Grilled Chicken?

There has been healthier chicken on the Popeyes menu in the past. This doesn’t seem to be a menu staple and it’s not available in all locations, but it has definitely been there in the past and remains there at many locations.

It is often branded as Naked Chicken and is, as the name suggests, simply chicken that is cooked well and is fresh. In the past this has been labelled as Louisiana Beaux: Get Up and Geaux, through which you can basically order a lighter and healthier version of any item on the Popeyes menu.

So, if you’re looking to cut down on the fat but you still want the chicken then make sure you order this. Let’s be honest, even the sides at Popeyes aren’t very healthy, so it’s menu items like this that are really your only choice.

Popeyes Onion Rings Calories

Sides of onion rings are typically found on burger menus, but they make for a great addition to fried chicken menus as well. Grab a batch of these along with your cajun fries to enjoy crisp, sweet and spicy onion rings the likes of which you’ve never tasted before. Not only are they tasty, but they are also surprisingly low in calories. There are just 280 calories per serving of these onion rings. A lot of that is fat, which is not good, but that’s a very small amount of calories for something so thick, crispy and greasy.

Where Does Popeyes Chicken Come From?

Popeyes buy their chickens wholesale just like any other chain. They don’t breed super mutant chickens like the conspiracy theories suggest. Also, in 2017, when they came under new ownership, it was suggested that they would likely be using chickens that had been injected with fewer antibiotics and other nasties.

Such things have been common in mass-produced chicken for a long time and this meat has always ended up in fried chicken chains like Popeyes. But there has been calls for change in recent years and the wheels may have finally been set in motion for Popeyes. If they do this and follow on from Panera Bread and other healthier chains, then they could set a precedent that KFC, Boston Market and other cheaper chicken restaurants will follow.

When that happens it can only be a good thing for consumers everywhere. It may signal an increase in price, but if you ask most consumers they would be happy to pay a few cents more if it meant that they were consuming something free of antibiotics.

Popeyes Calories

Fried chicken is probably not going to be the healthiest thing you eat all day (and if it is, then you might want to check-in with your doctor). But a little indulgence every now and then can’t hurt you. And after all, that’s what fast food is all about. It’s not food that you should be eating for every single meal. It’s food to grab on the go, food to eat when you’re out and about, or food that you treat yourself to once or twice a week.

In that context, Popeyes chicken can form part of a healthy diet. You’re not going to pile on the pounds with occasional meals, and you’re certainly not going to put your blood pressure at risk if you don’t eat regularly.

Popeyes Nutrition Info

But if you’re dedicated to your diet, if you can’t bear the idea of loading up on fat, salt and calories, even if it is just an occasional thing, then there are healthier options available. The only problem is, you’ll have to resist the temptation of Popeyes famous fried chicken if you want to eat them.

Popeyes Healthy Options

So, with all of that in mind, just what are the healthy options on the Popeyes menu? Well, before you go anywhere, you might want to take a look at the Popeyes Secret Menu. This contains a few additions to the menu and can help you shed those hefty calories.

As for the healthy options on the standard menu, the seafood dishes tend to contain fewer calories and less fat. The tenders are also high in protein and a little less fatty. But the best thing to do is just to ask for the cooked chicken without batter. If you can get this on the side, then you can add some healthy side dishes to it.

There are plenty of side dishes on the Popeyes menu. Most of these are considerably healthier than the mains. The Red Beans and Rice is packed full of fiber, protein and slow-releasing carbs. And the Green Beans can also give you a dose of what’s good for you. Just don’t be deceived by the Coleslaw. While this does contain a lot of healthy shredded vegetables, they stop being healthy once you coat them with mayonnaise.

If you can’t resist the wings or the tenders, then just get a smaller meal or opt for the kid’s meal instead. Sometimes portion control is just as effective as choosing the healthier option.

Does Popeyes Have Gift Cards?

Yes, you can order Popeyes gift cards from several locations, sending it in a greetings card after ordering direct online, or picking one up in store. If you’re struggling to find something for the person who has everything and loves fried chicken, then these gift cards could be the answer.