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Looking for a complete Benihana nutrition guide? Look no further. Below you will find all of the Benihana menu items, as well as the levels of calories, fat and more for each of them. This table is updated regularly and is as accurate as we can make it.

Below, you will find some information on Benihana special diets, including gluten-free options, vegetarian options, and vegan options.

Benihana Nutrition



Is Benihana Vegan / Vegetarian?

The Benihana is huge, so you’d think that there would be a little something for everyone on it. On paper, it looks like all diets are catered for, but that’s not the case. There are vegetable options and tofu options, which should be acceptable for vegans and vegetarians. However, all food is cooked using the same utensils and on the same surface. As a result, cross-contamination means that even your fried tofu contains a little seafood and a little meat.

Benihana Nutrition
Benihana food is fresh and delicious. But if you want your food hot, then it’s also fairy restrictive.

We have heard conflicted reports about this. Some have suggested that the cook has willingly used separate utensils and a different surface to cook the food for vegans and vegetarians. But many reports suggest that the cook was either unwilling, or didn’t know what was being requested. We would suggest that you phone up in advance and ask. Just don’t make the same mistake that many other vegans/vegetarians have done an assume that because you’re ordering a meat-free or dairy-free dish, you’re avoiding these two foodstuffs altogether.

Is Benihana Gluten-Free?

As for gluten-free, your options are just as limited as there are if you are a vegan or a vegetarian. Soy sauce and other ingredients are not gluten-free and these are used liberally in most of their dishes. Several customers on gluten-free diets have contacted Benihana regarding this issue and as far as we know, none of them were told what they wanted to hear. This may be acceptable if you are avoiding gluten out of preference, as many people are. But if you are a celiac, then it’s definitely not acceptable. Even the slightest contamination could make your life very difficult, and as a result, it’s just not worth the risk.

Benihana Gluten-Free
There is no shortage of options for meat eaters, dairy eaters and gluten eaters. But things get a little complicated if you can’t eat one or more of those things.

Simply put, Benihana is a minefield if you’re on a special diet. You may also struggle if you are allergic to nuts. Because while it is fairly easy to avoid dishes that contain nuts, you are under no guarantee that the cooking surface is not already contaminated.

Will This Change?

Benihana has been going for a long time and has yet to make any changes. They are one of the few chains to remain so backward when it comes to special diets. But at the same time, it’s difficult to blame them for this. After all, the whole attraction of Benihana is that customers can enjoy watching all of their food being cooked, while the chefs can still produce food quickly and effortlessly.

Still, if you used to enjoy eating here but no longer can because of a dietary restriction, or if you would like to try them out but are restricted because of an intolerance, then make your displeasure known. Changes don’t happen because people accept things and move on. They happen because people make a noise.

The more people that complain and the more money Benihana loses as a result, the more they will look to do something about it.

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Date Modified - 06/20/2024