Subway Secret Menu

Subway secret menu is by no means as talked-about or sought-after as some others like the fabled Chipotle Quesarito, but it offers a few unique treats that most haven’t heard about. Some of the menu items are more of old traditions for a minor twist with your meal, whereas others are completely different from anything you imagined you could get at Subway…sort of. Give their short list of exclusive secret menu items a look below!

The Old Cut Sub

This is no unique meal of its own. The “Old Cut” refers to the style that Subway used to use for cutting their loaves prior to making a sandwich. Many don’t even know of its existence, and of many who do, they still prefer the new style. But for the stragglers who still love the traditional cut of their Subway bread, ask for the Old Cut. This is something similar to the Panera bread secret menu that could be enjoyable as well. If the employee is educated on Subway culture, they’ll know what to do. But, chances are if they’re a newer employee, they could have never heard of it. To help explain, tell them to cut it from the top. You’re essentially digging out a trench from the top end for easier packing of ingredients. I prefer more fresh, fluffy bread, but if you don’t, give the Old Cut a try!

The Pizza Sub

Cost: Varies by Location

Once a mouthwatering option on the Subway Full Menu, the Pizza Sub has fallen out of the public view, and very few know of its existence on the Subway Secret Menu. Comprised primarily of pepperoni, tomato sauce and cheese, the sandwich is a simple imitation of pizza in submarine form, and with all the delicious fresh foods at your disposal when you eat at Subway, a combination pizza is easy to create. Make your own Pizza Sub next time you go in. Just ask for it by name, and if they don’t know what you’re getting at, tell them to start with the three main ingredients above. If you’re a meat lover, it’s also nice to add in italian ham or other sausage.

The Winged Style

Most Subway employees have been trained to tuck your meat into the sandwich when they make it for you, to ensure a better-packed, even sandwich. But for the lunchmeat connoisseurs who want to enjoy the protein-packed part of their sandwich, Subway sandwich artists can do “Winged Style”, which leaves small “wings” of meat hanging out of the edges of the sandwich. The effect lets meat lovers nibble on the meat on the edge of the sandwich, and get the full visuals on the delicious sandwich they’re about to eat. I prefer comfort over style, but for those who don’t check out the Winged Style!

More Please

One of the things that many customers seem to forget is that there is no limit to the quantity of food you can stuff into your sandwich. If you ask for meat or cheese, they will add a few slices. If you ask for sauce, they’ll add a dollop or two. But you can get more than that—you can get as much as you want. So, if you want your ham to be so thick the bun won’t close, then ask for it. If you like your sandwich to swim in marinara sauce, then ask them to keep pouring.

Test the limits of those Subway Sandwich Artists and create your own behemoth sub.

Chicken Parmesan

This cheesy chicken behemoth was a staple at many Subway restaurants and was popular with many of their devoted customers. But Subway stopped offering the Chicken Parmesan in 2010, much to the displeasure of those customers. Fortunately, you don’t need a menu item to get what you want in this restaurant and the Subway Sandwich Artist will still make this secret menu item for you.

Just tell them to load roast chicken, marinara sauce and parmesan cheese, as well as a dash of black pepper, spinach and a handful of olives into one of their 6 inch or 12 inch subs.

The Chicken Parmesan is a potent force of strong flavors—supplied by black pepper, olives and parmesan cheese—and protein. It could be just what you need to get over a hangover or to fill you up during lunch.

The Meat Feast

Cost: Varies by Location

This is Subway’s version of “everything but the kitchen sink”, and if you’re hungry enough, they might just add that for you as well. This is a thing of beauty, just what you need to satisfy your carnivorous hunger.

Just ask the servers to throw all of their deli meats into a single bun, including ham, turkey and salami, and top it off with any sauces or cheeses that you want. We suggest that you go heavy on the cheese and the mayo, but light on the spice.

Even if you load up on all available meats, add a few cheeses and stuff it all into a footlong sub, you can still expect to pay less than $10 for this beauty.

The Carnivore

Cost: Varies by Location

If cold meats are not your thing but you still want a hefty dose of delicious protein, then opt for The Carnivore instead. If you can handle it, that is.

The Sandwich Artists should be able to make this for you if you request it. If not, and if you get nothing but a blank stare in reply, then just ask them to add four scoops of steaks, 8 rashers of bacon, six slices of pepperoni and as much melted cheese, onions and peppers as you can handle. If you like a little spice, this is the perfect sub to accompany it. So toss in this jalapeños, sprinkle on some black pepper and prepare to have your mind blown.

The perfect sub to cheer you up and keep you snug on a cold, drab afternoon, The Carnivore will set you back around $12 (depending on the optional extras and the location of the restaurant). That’s a substantial price, but this is a substantial sub.

Date Modified - 06/17/2024