Pizza Hut Nutrition Info (Calories, Fat, Gluten-Free, Vegan)

Pizza Hut Nutrition Info

Looking for some Pizza Hut nutrition info? Read on. This page has as much info as their pizzas have cheese. If Pizza Hut is the king of pizzas then this page is the king of pizza info. We realize that sounds like an exaggeration, but we don’t exaggerate. It’s all true. We have billions of readers who agree with us.

Below you will find a complete list of Pizza Hut nutrition info. This covers every item on the menu. It is updated regularly and we try to make it as accurate as possible. If you notice a mistake then please get in touch and let us know. If you keep reading beyond this Pizza Hut nutrition table then you can learn more about this brand (we promised you great info and by God we’re going to half-heartedly try to deliver).

Pizza Hut Nutrition Info

Item NameCalories (kcal)Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Sugars (g)
Cheese Only2801350.56
Pepperoni 2901550.56
Quartered Ham2601140.36
Super Supreme3401860.57
hicken Supreme2801240.37
Meat Lover's3401970.56
Veggie Lover's2601240.37
Pepperoni Lover's3401970.56
Item NameCalories (kcal)Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Sugars (g)
Cheese Only20084.50.54
Quartered Ham180630.55
Super Supreme2601360.56
Chicken Supreme20073.50.55
Meat Lover's2701460.55
Veggie Lover's180730.55
Pepperoni Lover's2601470.55
Item NameCalories (kcal)Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Sugars (g)
Blake's Smokehouse BBQ Pizza270125.004
Honey BBQ Chicken Pizza2409404
Hawaiian BBQ22073.50.05
Roasted Veggie Pizza20082.501
5 Cheese Please Pizza23094.501
Chicken, Bacon, Tomato22093.501
Item NameCalories (kcal)Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Sugars (g)
Diced Tomatoes Pizza30012702
Meat Lover's® Pizza42023110.51
Italian Sausage Pizza37019901
Pepperoni Pizza36017901
Blake's Smokehouse BBQ37016706
Honey BBQ Chicken Pizza33012606
Hawaiian BBQ Pizza29094.508
5 Cheese Please Pizza30012601
Roasted Veggie Pizza270103.502
Chicken, Bacon, Tomato Pizza290124.501
Item NameCalories (kcal)Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Sugars (g)
Cheese Only Pizza59025110.57
Chicken Supreme Pizza59021807
Meat Lover's® Pizza850481817
Pepperoni Lover's® Pizza730371617
Pepperoni Pizza62028110.57
Baked Hot Wings1006200
Baked Mild Wings1107200
All American Wings8051.500
Buffalo Burnin Hot Wings11061.502
Buffalo Medium Wings11061.502
Buffalo Mild Wings11061.502
Garlic Parmesan Wings180163.501
Apple Pie (2 pies)330175020
Cinnamon Sticks16050.508
HERSHEY'S® Chocolate Dunkers® (2 pieces)1908309
HERSHEY'S® Chocolate Sauce (1.5 oz)12031018
White Icing Dipping Cup (2 oz)17000038
Item NameCalories (kcal)Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Sugars (g)
Diet Pepsi® (Large)00000
Diet Pepsi® (Medium)00000
Diet Pepsi® (Small)00000
Pepsi® (Large)400000108
Pepsi® (Medium)28000074
Pepsi® (Small)20000054
Sierra Mist® (Large)40000108
Sierra Mist® (Medium)27500074
Sierra Mist® (Small)20000054
Classic P'Zone47017703
Meaty P'Zone550241002
Pepperoni P'Zone46016702
Marinara Dipping Sauce (3 oz)600009
Ranch Dipping Sauce (1.5 oz)220233.501
Breadsticks (each)1405102
Stuffed Pizza Rollers (each)230104.502
Breadsticks with Cheese (each)17062.502
Wedge Fries (side order)320183.500
Fried Cheese Sticks (4 pieces)38024923
Chicken Alfredo Pasta5202770.53
Meaty Marinara Pasta45021918

Pizza Hut Menu Nutrition and Calories

Breaking news: pizza is healthy! It’s a superfood that might be able to extend your lifespan…sorry, did we say that out loud? What we meant is: pizza is still incredibly unhealthy. We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but it’s true. There is only so much goodness in bread and cheese and by “so much” we mean “hardly any”.

There are lower calories versions on the menu. For instance, you can choose the salad. You can choose to drink a glass of water while staring at your gluttonous friend and complaining that their loud chewing is making you fat.

In all seriousness, there are some lighter options. If you opt for a thin crust and try to keep the processed meat to a minimum, then it’s not even that unhealthy. In its most basic form, when prepared and cooked in the traditional way, its not even that unhealthy. Pizza that is thin, spread with a little tomato sauce and a light sprinkling of cheese, and maybe topped with a drizzle of olive oil or a sprig of basil, can actually be quite good for you.

Pizza Hut Gluten-Free

Pizza Hut Nutrition

Pizza Hut hasn’t always been gluten-free. But there is such a thing as a gluten-free menu at Pizza Hut these days. These have steadily been rolling out into all major restaurants. As far as we know they are now available in most locations around the world.

In the US they first began to add gluten-free options to the menu a number of years ago, before they quickly spread. In other major countries, such as the UK, it wasn’t until 2015/2016 that they could call themselves 100% gluten-free.

Pizza Hut really are gluten-free as well. Many chains claim to be gluten-free but actually warn against cross contamination. That doesn’t seem to be the case with the Pizza Hut gluten-free menu. This means that their GF foods are not just for people avoiding gluten out of choice, but also for those with coeliacs disease.

Pizza Hut Vegan and Vegetarian

Pizza Hut Calories

There are a number of options on the Pizza Hut menu for vegetarians. The crust is vegetarian, and as long as you’re not ordering meat or fish toppings, then you’re good there as well.

If you are a vegan, then it gets a little trickier. If you have read our other pizza chain menus and pages, such as Dominos, Papa Johns and Little Caesars, you will know that many of the crusts are simply not vegan. So, even if you order a crust without cheese then you may still be getting something that is not vegan friendly.

On Pizza Hut there are some exceptions to this. Most of their crusts are also not vegan friendly, but we have it on good authority that the Thin N’ Crispy and the Hand Tossed bases are both vegan friendly. There are no vegan cheese substitutes on the menu, so you will have to give the cheese a miss. But there are plenty of other toppings to enjoy.

Many of the sweet Pizza Hut pizzas are also vegan friendly. But we can’t recommend these. Not because there are dietary issues. Just because we think they are wrong. Putting pineapple on a pizza is fine. no worries. But once you start putting chocolate on it then you descend in the third circle of hell and there is no escaping from there.

If you can’t see those sweet pizzas in our Pizza Hut nutrition info table, it’s because we’re pretending they don’t exist. You should do the same. It’s like that annoying, creepy “friend” we all have, the one that always seems to be named Scott: If we stop paying attention to them, they might just go away.